October 10, 2017

Elizabeth West




Crash Course
by E.A. West   


“Fine. I won’t have boys in my room, I won’t go to parties, and my social life is over except for church.”

When Angie Cassidy’s father kicks her out, she moves across the country to live with her mom and stepfather. Gone are the freedom and parties of her Southern California life. Now she has to survive a conservative mother with strict rules and a stepfather who may or may not like her. With a life of boredom looming ahead, she sets out in search of entertainment her mother wouldn’t approve. She finds more of the same lifestyle she left behind in California, but then she meets freestyle motocross rider Brady Scott.

Brady is talented on a dirt bike, and he’s gorgeous. There’s only one problem—he’s a Christian who wouldn’t be caught dead at one of the parties Angie loves. The more time she spends with him, the more she’s drawn to the respect he shows her at every turn. Too bad he’s killing her ability to enjoy partying and the bad boys she’s always hung out with.

As Angie struggles to find her place in two conflicting worlds, she gets a crash course in life lessons. Will she choose to give up the partying life and hang out with Brady and his youth group friends? Or will she continue down a dangerous path destined to take her farther than she wants to go?