July 22, 2014

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by E.A. West   


Jezebel Smith is different. She can’t talk, she doesn’t look like anyone in her family, and no matter what she does it’s always the wrong thing. God accepts her for who she is, but He’s the only one who does. Then she finds an unconscious man in her favorite cave, and her life is turned upside down. New people and new rules collide with the old, leaving Jezebel unsure of which set of rules apply to her life. When the strangers in town attempt to help her out of the nightmare she’s grown up in, it promises to change her life forever.


"Inspirational story!"  By Cathleen Grey 2 years ago

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“Different” is the story of Jezebel who doesn’t speak and it seems that no one around her loves or understands her.

As the story opens, Jezebel is in her haven. A cave where she spends most of her time, this is her place of comfort and security. That is, until she finds an injured hiker in her sanctuary and becomes scared. She is afraid to seek help worried that once people find out about her cave, she won’t be able to go there anymore.

Jezebel has spent the last 15 years abused and neglected. She has never attended school and can’t speak. She is not allowed to go to town or to church. She is fed only the scraps from the table and lives in a state of fear and confusion, not understanding why she is treated this way. She only becomes more confused when the discovery is made that she is the daughter of a man her mother had an affair with. Jezebel is removed from the only family she has ever known and is placed with her biological father.

This is where the story truly becomes interesting as Jezebel discovers herself through the love and care of an accepting father and her new family. It is where Jezebel understands that she is not the Devil-Child she was accused of being, but something different...

I give “Different” by E.A. West 4 stars and highly recommend this YA read. The author has done an amazing job of telling this story.