March 1, 2011

The Wild Rose Press



Dream Walker
by J. R. Thomas   


Jay Gibbs is drawn to his grandfather's ranch by disturbing dreams of wolves. Wolves that speak of a Cherokee legend and a prophecy to be fulfilled. As Jay stumbles deeper into his mysterious connection with the wolves, an ancient voice speaks...from his soul. A voice which tells him he must choose to protect ageless secrets...or destroy hope for all mankind.

Day Star "Daisy" Evans of the powerful Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Clan, has walked in dreams before. But now, the dreams are not her own. And the mysterious young man who seeks her gaze with ageless eyes draws her close, with an unspoken promise of their connected souls, and a secret that must be guarded forever.


"Review from Renee Rearden"  By The Romance Reviews 2 years ago

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Dreams—we all have them. Are they memories from our past, images of our daily experiences or visions of what's to come?

For the last year, Jay Gibbs has been wrestling with the meanings of his odd dreams. They're full of wolves, the voice of the Ancient one, and a beautiful, young woman that's captured his attention.

Jay's dreams become stranger and more intense once he graduates from high school and moves to his grandfather's ranch. He begins feeling others' emotions, and develops an uncanny connection with the wolves on the mountain. When things he's dreamed start to happen, he's convinced his dreams are really visions.

As Jay learns more about the wolves, his Cherokee background, and his family's connection to the land, he discovers he must choose between a life in the modern world he's grown up in or follow a different path and protect a timeless secret his family has safeguarded for centuries.

I enjoyed reading this paranormal, young adult story. Though the beginning was a bit confusing as to time and place, a touch of adventure and romance marked the characters' journey and led to a satisfying conclusion.

My only real frustrations with the novel were the adults treating Jay as if he were a young boy instead of a man, and some of Jay's language/dialogue seemed stilted or uncommon for an 18-year old to say.

Those frustrations aside, this is a great novel about the love of a family supporting a young man as he comes of age and faces difficult choices that require character, strength and integrity.