September 15, 2015

Swoon Romance YA




Em & Em
by Linda Budzinski   


Ember O'Malley has been relocated from the Jersey Shore to a small town in the Midwest through Witness Protection. She has a new name, a new look, and a brand-sparkling new reputation ... and she’s falling for a boy who loves her for who he thinks she is.

Em is living a lie, and it’s only a matter of time before her secrets catch up with her. Will she let the mistakes of her past define and destroy her, or can she reinvent herself from the outside in?


"LIGHTNING CAN'T STRIKE TWICE, OR CAN IT?"  By Robin Leigh Morgan 1 year ago

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Just place yourself in the shoes of sixteen-year-old Emily Slovkowski, you live on the New Jersey shore and within walking distance of the beach. You’ve got a wonderful, gorgeous boyfriend who happens to be a surfer, and all your friends wish they could be in your shoes. Then fate steps in, you’re in the wrong place and at the wrong time, and you’re the witness of a major crime.

The authorities come in, put you and you’re entire family in the Witness Protect Program. You’re moved from a place you can see a movie which starts at 11 PM and the Chinese Take Out is open until about the same time; to a place where the last movie starts and the take out closes at around 8 PM. Life is more laidback where you’re going and you’ll have to create a new you, complete with a fictional history of your life, a history which everyone in your family will have to know.

This might not have been so bad for Emily, but instead of giving her a new first name like Jennifer [nickname = Jenny], they gave her the name of Ember, which has the same nickname of Em. This of course adds to the difficulty of forgetting who she used to be, and who is now.

Soon after she starts making new friends and has begun to be interested in a young cowboy named Charles, with whom she works with on her high school newspaper, fate deals another blow as she once again witnesses some illegal activity.

I loved that the adults in this story are basically invisible and we’re allowed to witness how the teenage characters in the storyline handle the adult-like situations on their own.

I believe anyone who is reading this review would agree with me about keeping our past a secret as long as we’re being kept as “unwilling” hostages of the protection program, is not as easy as it might appear.

If you can remember the days of your teenage years then you’ll agree the characterization for all of the main players in the storyline is right on the money. The multiple twists the story takes keeps you wanting to get to the next page. I read this book in two days since I wanted to capture anything I could have missed I had read this book at my normal rate of reading. The ending came suddenly and was still wrapped in a mystery of sorts. When all things are said about this book, you’ll realize why this book has gotten 5 STARS from me.