Book 1
Flightless Series

May 1, 2013





by Keri Neal   


Pen was a Guardian, but one violent night took his wings. Ten years later he is given the opportunity to earn them back.

Jade is spellbound by the new student. Pen is quiet, but she is determined to learn more about him. When her terrifying past comes back to haunt her, Pen reveals there is much more to him than she could have ever imagined.

With his soul on the line, Pen cannot protect Jade if his feelings keep getting in the way. But with Jade's soul on the line, he must protect her from unearthly forces who want her blood. Will the truth redeem them, or tear them apart?


"Review from JCCeleste"  By The Romance Reviews 2 years ago

- rating


When an angel falls and finds his chance of redemption in the protection of his previous charge, he must fight not only archangels, crazy teenage girls, and his own heart, but he must discover the truth behind his charge's secret, before he loses her, his wings and something infinitely precious he is afraid to name.

At 35,000 words, FLIGHTLESS is a good novella. We are introduced to Pen (our fallen angel) and Jade (his charge) and we become familiar with this world which launches a series.

The story changes perspectives between Pen and Jade, and we watch their relationship morph into something unexpected from both sides, yet completely natural. Their tenderness, the expression of their love for each other, while held in check by external forces, was fun to watch unfold. I also liked the way the dynamics of the side characters kept changing. Given the length of the story, Ms. Neal paints "stereotypical" characters who are anything but, and she manages to capture a lot about people with brief strokes.

I really would mark FLIGHTLESS as a 4.5, because I had a hard time putting it down, but it's not quite a 5 because I didn't immediately wish I could read the next story, or go out and buy other books by the same author. It met its purpose quite well, but I read so many books now that to really earn a 5, I have to finish totally enthusiastic about a world or an author.

That said, I'm interested in this one. The series has serious potential, and the author has a cool way of bringing the subject of angels and their universe to life. I look forward to more works by Ms. Neal.