Book 1
Flipping the Scales

November 12, 2014

Pete Tarsi




Flipping the Scales
by Pete Tarsi   


Meredith and Marina’s lives have been flipped upside down.

When the translucent skirt that straight-A-student Meredith finds hidden on the beach gets wet, it transforms her legs into a mermaid tail. Despite the evidence in front of her, she insists that becoming a mythical creature isn’t scientifically possible.

Marina is allowed to experience one day per moon cycle among the humans. After hiding her tail on the beach that morning, she takes her first timid steps on land. When she returns at sunset to find it missing, she is left stranded and alone.

For the first time in her life, Meredith doesn’t have all the answers. As she searches for a way to return to normal before the next full moon, she makes waves among the school of mermaids. Meanwhile, Marina uncovers information about her past, and for the first time in her life, she must stand on her own two feet and take the lead on her own adventure.

As Meredith senses her human side slipping away, a forbidden way to change back entices her. But it comes with a consequence: Marina wouldn’t be able to return to the ocean.


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I picked up Flipping the Scales because I was looking for a light read. The cover brought to mind the TV series H20: Just Add Water, mainly because of the orange tail. So I decided to give Flipping the Scales a go.

I have to say that I did like how Flipping the Scales was different from other mermaid stories. Jill and especially Hailey were well-versed in various mermaid stories and used that knowledge to try to help Meredith when she grew a tail. However, the stories the girls had heard weren’t accurate and Jill and Hailey ran out of options.

Now Meredith is stuck as a mermaid until the next full moon and Marina is stuck with legs. Both girls are going to have to find ways to assimilate while they await the full moon. Meredith has Lorelei to help her understand the ways of the mer while Marina has Jill and Hailey to teach her to be human.

I liked Marina’s character a lot. She was only stuck with legs because Lorelei had dragged her to the shore. Now she is completely stuck and Lorelei can’t be with her. That would be rather overwhelming.

I did not click with Meredith at all. She seemed to think she was better than everyone else because she was intelligent. She gets fixated on things that aren’t important and doesn’t seem to be very friendly. Maybe it is just me, but I didn’t like her.

Overall, I liked the story. There were some twists that I didn’t see coming and some surprises. I’m sure readers younger than me would really enjoy it. In fact, I am thinking some of my students who would probably love it.