April 21, 2016

Verna Clay



Fragile Hearts
by Colleen Clay   


Fragile Hearts is the story of twenty-one year old Morgan Weston, who is confined to a wheelchair. A car accident at the age of fourteen left her not only physically challenged, but emotionally fragile. There are mysteries to be unraveled regarding the car accident that killed her only sister and her sister's boyfriend. Because Morgan's parents love her, they are forcing her to enroll in college and live on her own for the first time.

Enter now, Tyce Brandon. Tyce has his own secrets.

Over several months, Morgan and Tyce become friends. Tyce is drawn to Morgan, but is he confusing love for pity, or even worse, guilt?

Fragile Hearts is not only a love story between a most unlikely couple, but also a coming of age story for a sheltered young woman. Will the mysteries revealed drive these young lovers apart, or is forgiveness the key to sealing a love begun in the depths of despair?

Some profanity
Sweet love scenes
1st Edition 2/3/14; 2nd Edition 4/21/16


"Sweet story with great character development"  By Terrill Rosado 1 year ago

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Fragile Hearts is a novella length YA/NA story that is broken into 2 parts. Part 1 is the heroine's (Morgan's) POV, while Part 2 is the Hero's (Tyce's) POV. Rather than getting a complete re-hash of the story in each part, we're allowed greater depth and clarification that would be missed with a singular POV.

Although a quick read with swift story resolution, the character development helps create a rich tale of two struggling lives. Morgan is a paraplegic due to a car accident a few years prior. Tyce is initially drawn to Morgan for unknown reasons, but both feel some responsibility for Morgan's life in a wheelchair. While fighting an attraction, blaming guilt or unbelief, both Morgan and Tyce become important catalysts for the encouragement, healing and forgiveness each needs in order to move on from their broken past.

Fragile Hearts is a sweet short story and would be fantastic as a full length novel. I would have loved to have seen more of the relationship dynamics between Morgan and Tyce as well as obvious obstacles. The secondary characters were fun and added even greater depth to the overall story. All in all, In picking up this Fragile Hearts, I was rewarded with an entertaining and emotionally satisfying story.