Book 1
Gossamer Series

September 1, 2012

Lyrical Press, Inc




by Renita Pizzitola   


Shouldn't all faerytales end with happily-ever-after?

Kyla Ashbury is nearing her eighteenth birthday when a mysterious boy appears at school. Her instant attraction to him inexplicably awakens something inside her and she discovers her true identity.

Now, armed with the knowledge of her past, she is forced to leave behind the life she has always known for a new one filled with temptation, faery charm and magic, and a future she wasn't prepared for.

Kyla is left with a difficult decision...but no matter which path she chooses, someone will get hurt.


"Review from preppea"  By The Romance Reviews 2 years ago

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GOSSAMER delivers the perfect combination of romance and paranormal to a fantastic new series about the Fae. Renita Pizzitola accomplishes what few authors can in the first of a paranormal series: she creates a new world for the reader without the reader ever feeling like they're getting an encyclopedia description of the new mythical world.

Part of what made this book so great was the way the story begins as a normal young adult romance with Kyla seeing Grant for the first time – their connection is immediate, physical, and rocks Kyla's world. The reader is able to get swept up in Kyla and Grant's undeniable attraction for each other before delving into the paranormal aspects of the story. As far as Kyla knows, she is just the average human teenager, but from the moment she meets Grant, things start to happen that open her eyes to what sets her apart.

Kyla soon discovers that not only is she half faery, she's also in grave danger and must travel to the faery realm if she wants to find safety. Grant has been sent to help her, but he has secrets of his own that complicate their blooming romance.

The author seamlessly creates a beautiful, three-dimensional faery world and characters in both realms that are lovable and charming. The reader is torn right alongside Kylie as she fights to make decisions that will drastically alter the direction of her life. I'm excited to see how the Gossamer series continues and what will happen not only with Kyla, but a lot of the minor characters that stole a place in my heart as well!

I would definitely recommend GOSSAMER to anyone looking for a brand new young adult paranormal series to get wrapped up in!