Book 1
Night Angels Chronicles

February 5, 2016

Evernight Teen



Urban Fantasy

Key of Mystery
by K. H. Mezek   


"Be careful who you love. It just might kill you."
When Sera's father is killed in a horrific accident, all he leaves behind is a mysterious key. Sera places the key on a chain around her neck and vows to avenge her father. Strange characters arrive in town including the otherworldly Night Angels, who claim to be sent for her protection.
Sera falls hard for one of them—exotic, arrogant Peter. But what if his promise of love is only a ruse to gain access to the key? As Sera’s connection to the key grows, so do her supernatural powers. Guided by clues left by her father, Sera searches for the hidden chamber beneath the city, hoping to save what lies within before the sinister mayor and his deadly followers drown humanity in a bloodbath.


"Interesting"  By Shakera Blakney 1 year ago

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The Key of Mystery is an interesting book, if you can make it past the first half. The pacing of the first half of the story was extremely slow. I was tempted to not finish the story, but midway through it picked up. It picked up so much, it felt a bit rushed, but that is fine considering the first half of the story.

The plot was interesting, but I couldn't connect to the characters. Sera was a bit whiny at times. Peter could have been fleshed out a bit more. I didn't see any romance between them.

The story overall was okay but if you can power through the first half, you may enjoy it.