January 1, 2010

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Love Immortal
by Linnea Hall   


Recently graduated from nursing school, twenty-one year old Jewell McKean is thrust into her first real job as an ER nurse in a Level I trauma center. She is inexplicably drawn to a young man as he is brought into her ER one night. Unfortunately she is unable to do anything but stand by and watch him die. Distraught by his death, wishing she had known this man she only just met, she sits by his bedside mourning his death as his heart begins to beat again.

Collin Sykes knows he should be dead. Soon it becomes clear that his family is keeping secrets from him. To make matters worse, his doctors are keeping secrets from him as well.

Collin's uncle Percy has reasons to keep secrets from his nephew. Once a Templar Knight, he is nearly one thousand years old. His long life has brought him nothing but pain. His relationships have doomed him to a millennium of heartache, and there are people who want to kill him because of the secrets he holds. Hoping to shield his nephew from the pain of his existence, Percy hasn't told his nephew what they are. But Percy finds that soon he must tell Collin all he knows, or he will doom his nephew to the very pain he has worked so hard from which to shield him. Separating his nephew from Jewell is only the first step.

When Edgar Durand learns of Collin's death and resurrection he is intrigued. A member of the Obsidian Knights, a religious sect created by King Philip IV of France to prove heresies committed by the Templar Knights, Edgar has been charged with seeking out those who have defiled the Holy Grail and stolen the gift of immortality. The punishment is death by beheading. When Collin disappears, the Obsidian Knights kidnap Jewell to lure Collin out of hiding. Now it is up to Collin to rescue Jewell without losing his head.


"Review from Lisa Jo"  By The Romance Reviews 2 years ago

- rating


LOVE IMMORTAL starts out incredibly strong but falls hopelessly flat by the end. While Ms Hall has a great talent for setting up a wonderful story with romantic characters, it is the plot execution and completion of the novel that took a serious detour from the original beauty of this novel.

Jewell McKean, a young woman recently out of nursing school, finds herself fascinated with the man brought into the ER from a recent accident. As first, she's horrified by the fact that they could not save him, but minutes later, he miraculously comes back to life. Forming a personal interest in his recovery, Jewell and this patient, Collin Sykes, forge a bond during his stay at the hospital.

Once he is dismissed, they continue their relationship despite the protests from Collin's Uncle Percy. Percy has good reason to discourage Collin's attachment to Jewell. Collin is oblivious to the fact that he is a descendant of the Templar Knights, which means he is immortal. That alone should make any relationship with her impossible, but there is also the small matter of the Obsidian Knights. They are a small group out to murder the last of the Templar Knights for defiling the Holy Grail and Collin is their main target. Not only is Collin in danger now, but Jewell is as well. Their relationship not only must struggle with the fact that Collin is immortal, but the threat of the Obsidian Knights as well to see if true love can prevail.

An interesting premise, LOVE IMMORTAL is really a young adult romance about the difficulty of true love and who can't relate with that? Still, the novel has its moments and it had its shortcomings. Ms Hall is not shy about establishing the fact of her story paralleling the ever-popular Stephanie Meyer Twilight series. The heroine is in fact reading the novel while living out the scenario in her real life. The main difference is the fact that instead of a vampire lifestyle for our hero, we have an immortal and historical Templar Knight for the lead. It was a interesting and different idea that for quite awhile had me completely convinced of its probability of succeeding.

The characters had their moments. The beginning was filled with hopeful and innocent love between a boy and a girl, engaging the reader in their delightful awkward romance. Yet near the end, the book took a strange twist. Colin's uncle did things that I would find unforgivable in any situation, yet his nephew found it in his heart to forgive him. Which made absolutely no sense to me, but after learning more about Colin's character, it did not surprise me anymore.

Colin was the boy of every girl's dream at first, but became creepily obsessive by the end. Which in some ways made him a perfect match for Jewell as she became a depressed shell of a person, if he was more than six feet away from her. All the characters seemed to fall apart at the seams by the book's end. I just didn't know what to think.

The ending is what dropped this book from three stars to two and what is terrible about that fact is the ending was probably one hundred words or less. I look at any book as a journey...somewhat like a walk along a path. The enjoyment of the book depends on the difficulty or ease of the journey. LOVE IMMORTAL took me on a pleasant stroll through the first half that I quiet enjoyed. By the middle, I felt like it was a bit of an uphill climb but persevered because of my enjoyment of the first half. The ending? Well, the ending felt like I had just made it to the top of the hill only to discover a drastic and terribly fall off a cliff. It wasn't entertaining, it wasn't thoughtful and it wasn't a conclusive end. It was abrupt, unsatisfying and illogical. I felt like that story had been completely abandoned and concluded as quickly as inefficiently as possible.

A part of me wondered if two different people wrote this book. The first half was so impressive, I really expected a stunning read. If you had asked me half way through what I expected to rate this novel, I would have determined this a possible four star book. The second half just came out of nowhere and did not live up to the expectations built up from the first half. If Ms Hall's work is consistent with the quality I discovered in the beginning of LOVE IMMORTAL, I would not hesitate to read her work again.