March 1, 2016



Love My Crazy
by Rachel Medhurst   


This English girl ain't backing down for anyone...

Nat doesn’t need anything in life, except for her group of friends. They're her family. Her life. She would do anything to protect them.

Scott is handsome in a goody-two-shoes kind of way. His mysterious vibe draws Nat in unlike any other boy. He constantly tries to get her to see life differently. Yet, with a crazy mum...literally...and a group of friends that don't do anything but get in trouble, Nat struggles to believe that life isn't awful.

The funny thing about loyalty is the test it has to undergo. When one of Nat’s friends makes a shocking mistake, she starts to doubt that he has their best interests at heart. Scott helps her to see that love is real, and just because her group of friends had known each other for a long time, doesn't mean they love her the way they should.