April 12, 2016

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Magnetic Shift
by Lucy D. Briand   



The ability to magnetize and manipulate metal with the flick of her wrist makes seventeen-year-old Lexi Adams a crack mechanic, but it’s a disaster in the making when her stepdad trades her skills to NASCAR team owner Dean Grant for an entire season’s worth of sponsorship ads.

Now Lexi has no other choice but to suck it up and hope she can keep her magnetic impulses under control—that is, until she runs into NASCAR’s hot new rookie, Colton Tayler.

When Carl Stacy, the ruthless team owner of the defending Cup Champion, discovers Lexi’s secret and plots to use it to ruin Dean’s race team for good, Lexi must either expose her ability to save Colton, risking Dean’s career and her own freedom in the process, or watch the only guy she’s ever fallen for race to his death.


"I was impressed!"  By Ali Kiki 1 year ago

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This story is about a girl who has a hard life. She has this ability that she has to keep a secret. Because of this, she has a hard time getting close to anyone.

Lexi Adams is a seventeen year old that has the ability to manipulate metal with her mind. Her powers seem to come from emotions. Lexi has a hard time with her new found powers and believe they are a curse that she inherited from her father. Lexi never knew her real father, and when her mom dies, her stepfather sends her off to work for a NASCAR team. Her stepfather did this because he wanted free advertising for his business on the car that was being driven in the race.

The driver of the car that Lexi is working on is Colton Tayler, a nineteen year old rookie. Lexi runs into the issue that she is extremely attracted to Colton, so she ends up having a hard time trying to control her powers around him. Then the unthinkable happens, a rival team owner, Carl Stacy, sees Lexi use her ability and he threatens to turn her in.

I really liked Lexi as the main character. She is brave and she is strong. She fights for her life. She doesn’t give up easily. I really like that. I think it is great to have such a strong female character.

I feel like Colton and Lexi has a bit of an insta-love. They were extracted to each other like a magnetic pull right away, which made it not feel as real as it could have been. Lexi has the issue of not giving in to her feelings because of her abilities or powers. Colton works hard to try to turn Lexi’s opinion around, convincing her that they can be close.

Magnetic Shift is a very easy read. I think it is also pretty quick. I didn’t find it slow at all. I just was annoyed by the insta-love. I really liked how Lexi grows as a character. I think that shows a lot about Ms. Briand that she is able to make her character grow with the story. I was extremely impressed with Ms. Briand’s research. She did a great job with researching out the book and the different aspects of NASCAR racing. I just wish the book had more mechanics and NASCAR information and storyline in it. I think this book is a great summer read for anyone that is interested.