Book 1
Zodiac Twin Flames

March 27, 2015




by Rachel Medhurst   


When he ran, I gave chase...

The bracelet around my wrist is a permanent reminder of my mission. The silver charm attached to the leather cord is stamped with my birth sign. Mission: Unite with my twin flame soulmate.

My siblings and I are named after the star sign we were born under. Each one of us has to find our soulmate before our enemy gets to them first.

Antony is my bodyguard. A man who is supposed to protect me, not make me want to run. How did knowing him make me face myself? Being kidnapped by my enemy makes me doubt if he's my twin flame. I had always known my mission but was I ready for love?

Pisces is the first book in an epic twelve book young adult romance series called Zodiac Twin Flames. If you love character driven romance with a hard fought for happily ever after, you don't want to miss this series.


"Fast paced and filled with intrigue"  By JJ Smit 2 years ago

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PISCES by Rachel Medhurst was really an enjoyable read and a good start to what might be a great series. It’s fast paced, full of suspense and intrigue which is exactly what one looks for in a YA novel.

Pisces is your typical lost girl in search of her twin flame. She doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of her brothers and sisters (who are all named after the Zodiac signs, which I think is really awesome) and all she wants is a normal life and to find the one she is destined to be with. Part of the Zodiacs' mission is to find their twin flame soul mates in order to bring back love and hope to the world. Naturally there are bad guys who would do anything to stop this from happening, and this adds just that little touch of suspense to the novel, which is great.

What I did struggle with a little was relating to Pisces. She seemed like a real hot/cold person. The one minute she wants to be comforted, and the next she doesn’t. I couldn’t figure her out at all and I just wish the author gave us a little more insight into who Pisces really is, what makes her tick. I also didn’t like the part of the storyline where the twin flames ended up running away from each other. I found the push and pull throughout real annoying, and I kept on thinking how much I want to slap her and her twin flame over the head. (I can’t give her twin flame’s name since I don’t want to spoil it for the readers) Since they were soul mates, one would think that they wouldn't be able to keep their hands off each other, but no, these two end up running away from each other all the time.

The rest of the characters are great – especially Aries. The author did an excellent job in setting the foundation for his story and I can’t wait to get my hands on that novel. The Zodiacs were by far the most interesting part of the novel for me, and their characters were extremely well developed.

Overall, PISCES was a good read and I would recommend it to anyone who loves their novels fast paced with not too much descriptive details. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.