June 12, 2014

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Science Fiction/Futuristic

Somewhere in the Middle
by Linda Palmer   


Though Everly Sayers makes every effort to be friendly to new student Roone Thorsen, he doesn't actually acknowledge her until he needs help with physics. Tall and a little on the teddy-bear side physically speaking, Roone falls somewhere in the middle when it come to the guys in her senior class, words actually imprinted on the black cause bracelet he wears.
Turns out they have more than seventh period study hall in common. They're both avoiding dating if for different reasons. Since the best way to deter wannabe suitors is to be involved in a real relationship, they decide to fake one even if it means they'll have to show up at the Christmas dance as a couple.
That night is an eye opener for Everly on several levels. First of all, Roone is quite a sight in his tux, which shows off his muscular frame instead of camouflaging it the way his boxy casual clothing does. Second, the kiss they share just for show somehow rocks her world. And third, with a flick of a finger, Roone mysteriously maneuvers a rogue chandelier that crashes to the crowded floor, saving a lot of dancers in the process.
Or did he? Not quite believing her eyes, which suddenly have hearts in them, Everly is reluctant to admit that Roone is not only as far from somewhere in the middle as possible, he just might be out of this world.


"Love and the universe"  By Cathleen Grey 2 years ago

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High School is a place you exist in until College, that is, unless you are a jock or a cheerleader.

Everly Sayers is a typical teenager that fits in there “Somewhere in the Middle” and is just focusing on graduating High School and heading off to College. She has no interest in having a relationship with anyone, not for a long time, until Roone Thorsen shows up. Roone keeps to himself and Everly feels he is like her and stuck in the middle. He interests and intrigues her; she wants to know who he is and where he comes from. Roone seems a little bit different from the average guy as he doesn’t know anything about modern technology, movies and comic book heroes.

Everly and Roone decide to attend the school dance together, just as friends, hoping to discourage others from wanting to hook up. Instead of being friends they find themselves instantly attracted to each other. Everly just can’t understand the secrecy and mystery that surrounds Roone. She just has to know what the bracelet he wears with the words “Somewhere in the Middle” means. As the story builds you discover exactly who Roone, his brother and his father really are and why they are here in Alabama.

I give “Somewhere in the Middle” 3 stars. The story is interesting and well written and makes for a wonderful YA read and I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a decent paranormal romance.