Evelyn Hernandez

January 20, 2016

Evernight Teen




The Revenge Artist
by Philip Hoy   


Evelyn Hernandez is a high school junior who reads Shakespeare for fun, sews her own dresses, and keeps a sketch journal of her daily life. When Varsity quarterback Garvey Valenzuela breaks her heart, she sends him to the emergency room with a busted hand.

Add black magic to her resume...

Evelyn embarks on a dark journey of revenge when she discovers she has the power to make bad things happen by drawing them. Her emotional pain, isolation, and self-hatred lead her down a self-destructive path with dire consequences.


"A story where drawing and magic come together and create a dangerous combination..."  By Anastasia Gkaitatzi 1 year ago

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The Revenge Artist is a story about bullying, the way it can affect someone's life and how tempting revenge seems...

The strongest part of the book is its main character. Evelyn Hernandez is a strong female character that leads her life the way she wants and not the way people would want her to in order for her to fit in. She's your average high school student, she makes her own dresses and she has two loyal and supportive friends.

Then, one day, everything changes. One of the most popular boys in her high school asks her to go to a party with her, but life is not fair, we all know that and that's the case with our heroine in this story. That's how she discovers that she has a gift, or maybe a curse, which she uses in order to make that guy pay for making her feel this way.

Eventually, she finds out she's a witch but she thinks she's an evil one. But being a good or a bad witch doesn't depend on a single action based on revenge, but on the witch's entire life, her character, her kindness and her heart.

One of the things I really liked is the title itself. It makes you wonder what the story is about. The Revenge Artist is a witty title and an amazingly written story. Philip Hoy created a unique and independent character that impressed me. I am looking forward to read the rest of Evelyn's story!