August 1, 2010

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The Secret of the Emerald Sea
by Heather Matthews   


Beneath the waves of the glittering Emerald Sea, there is another world, filled with magic, strange and wondrous creatures, and many mysteries. When a young girl from a small seaside village decides to explore this hidden world one rainy night, she learns a shocking secret that leads to the adventure of a lifetime…


"Review from Debbie"  By The Romance Reviews 2 years ago

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Who doesn't like a good fantasy story? A story that also includes a great adventure and romance. Heather Matthews has done a marvelous job of writing such a descriptive story that I actually felt like I was part of it. I could see the scenery and the magical beauty under the surface of the sea in my mind as I was reading. Thus begins this truly captivating tale that will draw young and adult alike and you have to keep reading to see what is going to happen next.

Jane is the main character. She lost her mother and doesn't know who her father is. She is being raised by her grandmother who forbids her to go near the sea and won't even let her take swimming lessons for fear she will learn the secret. She's fourteen years old and has always been drawn to the sea. She doesn't know why she feels such a connection, especially when it rains.

One night when it is raining, she can no longer deny her body's unnatural pull to the sea. She defies her grandmother and goes to the water. Imagine her surprise that as she steps into the water, she is not afraid and moreover, it comforts her. She sees beautiful swirling colors. Imagine her shock when she goes further into the water and suddenly realizes her legs have disappeared and she is a mermaid. I don't want to give any further important parts or the story, but along the way you meet such mythical characters as Neptune, Cupid, Venus, Diana and a few others. What an enjoyable story this was.

Ms. Matthews understands the elements necessary to keep a reader going. The dialogue seems so real. The vividness of the sights, sounds and even the smells so many times put me right there with the characters and into the middle of the story.

I would highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a good fantasy and an adventure that is full of surprises.