Book 1
Wraidd Elfennol

October 31, 2015



Action & Adventure

Water Weaver
by Morgan Sheppard   


The young maiden, Marella, was born to the island of Wraidd Elfennol, a place balanced by the four elements of nature – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The essence of each element contained in sacred artefacts ensuring the balance of life.

Every year, the community from across the island gather for the Summer Solstice. It is at this celebration the Lords and Ladies of Wraidd Elfennol make an astounding announcement. The sacred artefacts are missing. They then proclaim that four individuals, along with their animal Life Partners, will be selected to restore the balance.

Marella and her otter, Nixie, are chosen because of their link to the element of Water and along with her, three others – each in-tune with a different element.

Together they embark on a quest to either find the missing artefacts or somehow create new ones. As the world around them changes, danger lurks with every challenge the group face. They must hurry as the elements need to be restored before a year and a day have passed.

Failure is not an option or the world as they know it will cease to exist.


"A moving fantastical story that will make you dream but also remember what is the most important."  By miki 1 year ago

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In a world where people have elemental powers, often 2 elements if no more, Marella is the only one with only Water as her element. Together with Nixie, an otter, as life partner she set about learning her skills as a weaver. Elements are linked with emotions and trait of character...for water is to be moved by emotions, to be able to feel compassion and empathy. Marella is still young but when her Lady appears to tell her she must go on a quest to save the world by restoring the balance of elements, she doesn't hesitate. Together with her childhood friend Daren, Chosen of earth and his partner the wolf Ula, Lani chosen of Air with Shaw, and lastly Kai Chosen of Fire and Kenna, they go on a quest rushed by time and fighting an unknown adversary while learning about themselves and their elements.

I particularly enjoyed the concept of animal as life partner, such a diversity and all with their own personality, it was not only fun but also a heartwarming thought. Also the elements and how they affected people was really well thought and rendered very believably.

The way the characters evolved along the quest and the links they built together was captivating, leading us to each quarter where we could meet a lot of different creatures, each so specific and at the same time so in harmony with the rest. The Lords and ladies and the Scions as well were great allies with their own sense of humour and it was refreshing to see them interact with their chosen in such a familiar way. The characters are really written in a believable way; it's easy to feel for them.

The story focuses a bit more on Marella and Kai, two opposites, but we still get enough of the others as not to forget them, and their relationship is built gradually. Slowly they learn about each other, and a friendship grows until they discover that for them it's more than that. The story is well written and we are taken by the flow, enjoying the journey as much as the quest itself as we keep being mesmerized and surprised.

It's a fantastic story where it's hard to decide if we prefer the human or their animal counterpart, but it won't leave you indifferent. The listing of Celtic terms at the end of the book is a good idea and great bonus as well.