by J.F. Jenkins
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"A Great Read :)"

The story follows Chevelle Donahue as she expects to go on about her boring day. Seriously, what could be interesting about retail sales? Add the fact that the retail sales is at a kids mall with her annoying-albeit-hot co-worker Wicken Sanders, it sure was going to be a lame day, no matter which way you see it.

That is not what happens. Sure she expected to see her long time crush and the biggest teen heartthrob Timber Hudson at the mall for his promotional visit, but what she did not expect was the terrorist attack. If that was not enough, the terrorist happen to be no human. Now, locked in a room with the hot co-worker and her long time crush, she has two options, either surrender or try to run, the latter having a violent outcome.

Follow Chevelle on her mysterious journey where she is living a dream, all the luxuries of life, paired with the boy she always liked, where females are more important than men. What could be bad? Except one exception, she is not on earth.

The story was a page turner. It will boggle your mind, it will make you laugh, make you angry but most of all, it'll capture your heart, till the end.

REVIEW BY czai   

Genesis Girl

by Jennifer Bardsley
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"Genesis Girl is a uniquely written story with a premise that instantly grabbed my attention."

I really LOVE the world of Genesis Girl -- a dystopian world where a few children are sent to Tabula Rasa School. They are taught the evils of technology and are raised to stay away from it. After graduation from Tabula Rasa, they are sold to the highest bidders as models/advertisers of products. The idea is that because Tabula Rasa graduates called Vestals do not have any 'virtual footprint', it makes them the most reliable advertisers. Blanca, unlike her fellow Vestals, became a Geisha -- a Vestal bought not by a company but by a private person for private purposes.

Doesn't it sound interesting?

There were two things about the world which I really like:

(1) Internet is addictive and evil and can kill you (or not?). I really like how it tackles technology and the 'evils' of being addicted to it. I've never read a book like that. So I think Jennifer Bardsley was able to write a YA dystopian series that has a fresh idea. Internet addiction is something, I think, that is still not well written about and I think that it's something that's quite timely given the fast-paced world we're living in right now and how everyone technically relies on technology (heck, I have to admit that I check my phone the moment I wake up). I like how this book tries to explore the effects of the addiction and some fictional side effects of overusing technology such as the mentioned Brain Cancer.

(2) Brainwashing is strong. Tabula Rasa is basically a brainwashing school that tells the Vestals that technology is evil and it corrupts the soul. To Blanca, the brainwashing was so strong. She bought everything taught to her and I don't blame her. She's too scared to break the rules and while she had her curiosity from time to time, she immediately sets them aside because they are taught to not think for themselves. Vestals were raised to take orders and follow them.

Jennifer Bardsley was able to execute this really interesting story well. I like how she slowly opened the world and introduced the idea (and it's horrifying). The Tabula Rasa is, of course, just the beginning. There's obviously more to the story than just that. The writing kept me intrigued. A few times, I have no idea what's going to happen next. And it's something that I'm having mixed feelings about. I like how it keeps me in the dark but it also makes me feel that the story moves abruptly. It's like this: problem one is opened up then later it's mentioned that it's not really something we need to focus on, so enter problem two. We follow problem two's story but then it's still really not the big problem of the book, it's problem three. Surprise! BUT there are interesting twists that I didn't expect here and I like them.

Blanca is a well developed heroine. Tabula Rasa was able to completely brainwash her. She lives by the words of Barbelo Nemo, the founder of Tabula Rasa. She repeats his words in her head to remind of how she must act, how she must speak, and how she must live. But Cal McNeal, her purchaser, forces her to question the things she was taught to believe in. He tells her to think for herself. He tells her to study sciences. He asks her to do what she wants to. Blanca was also baffled by her developing relationship with Seth, Cal's son and reason why he bought Blanca's privacy. I like how both Cal and Seth were able to get into Blanca's mind -- how they made her think, how they made her stronger, how they gave her something to believe in.

The romance is an 'okay' thing for me. At first, there's an insta-love on Seth's side. I was really surprised at how his attraction for Blanca just escalated so quickly. For Blanca though there's a gradual development. At first, Seth was just a mission. Then she finds her self actually liking him but she just can't accept it because it's forbidden! (and Blanca is the most loyal Vestal out there!!). There were ups and downs to their developing relationship and it was a really good roller coaster ride because while Blanca constantly pushes Seth away, Seth insists on plastering himself to Blanca. While it has tinge of insta-love, I still ended up liking the romance.

The climax of Genesis Girl is really thrilling. There's action and Blanca questioning everything she was taught in Tabula Rasa and being scared for her life and learning to trust Cal and Seth and really thinking for herself. This is where I find myself holding my breath for most of the time -- the revelations, the pace, how will Blanca get around things. There was so much suspense!

Overall, Genesis Girl is a dystopian novel that revolves around the brainwashing at Tabula Rasa. It has an interesting world that really absorbed me and well developed heroine. I had a few issues about the execution of the story and romance but they were very minimal and didn't take away my enjoyment of the book. I think Genesis Girl is a uniquely written book with a really engaging world and great and satisfying ending.

REVIEW BY Laura Hernandez   

Descent: Son of a Mermaid ~ Book One

by Katie, Katie O'Sullivan
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- characters

"Great Read For All Ages"

This was definitely a different read as the lead character is male. The story line was strong and the characters were all well written but the best part for me was the vivid world building that quickly planted me in the story. This is a great read for people of all ages.


Divine Fall

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- characters

"Love it!"

This story is for you sappy romantic lovers out there; it is the perfect blend of fiction and romance.

Jamie Brandt’s life is in ruins. Except her one best friend and her adopted grandfather, she has no one anymore. Mocked at and bullied in school, she is a total loner. Her one solace is riding her beloved horse Beau but that one hiding place of hers is destroyed when she meets the hot new stable caretaker, Dothan Reed, after falling off her horse, literally. Insanely attracted to him but strangely hurt with his aversion to touching her, Jamie is nothing but more confused. When being bullied by her fellow school mates, Jamie is unexpectedly saved by her hot-but-rude acquaintance, Dothan. Now, her sometimes-hot-and-sometimes-cold knight in the shining armor seems to be everywhere she goes. As they start getting closer, secrets start to unravel, secrets which question Jamie's sanity and Dothan's loyalty.

The hero is swoon-worthy and heroine, courageous. A book perfect for lazy Sunday read with a cup of hot chocolate. Don't miss out on Kathryn Knight's new book which will keep you on the edge of your seat, longing for more.

REVIEW BY Ashia   

The Raven King

by Maggie Stiefvater
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"Absolute page turner!"

The Raven King started out well--interesting and intriguing. We are immediately advised of the primary conflict that had permeated the entire series--that of Gansey's impending death. This was heightened by the succeeding paragraph, wherein the women of 300 Fox Way (Blue's relatives and friends) sought to learn more about Gansey's situation.

Readers who love Gansey would read with bated breath. I love Gansey, and something about his understated, underground (because his friend Adam also liked Blue) romance with Blue touched me. However, let me just say the romance was understated here. This story is about finally finding Glendower and also about how the prophecy about Blue came to a head.

About Gansey's death, in previous books, I felt so bad that it would happen, because maybe Gansey is so young and such a death is needless. Just because Blue was prophesied to cause the death of her true love with a kiss? I couldn't let it go. I wanted to write the author to please not let him die! But here, we find it isn't as simple as that. And Gansey's death became more meaningful, more...acceptable. In a sense. Not that I would wish him to die, of course! But from the point of view of plot, it was central to make the story go forward.

One thing I can't shake though is Henry. I felt there's more to him than what we've seen here in this book. As always, the author's writing had a mystical quality that was in keeping with the atmosphere of the story.

Let me just say, Kudos to Ms. Stiefvater. I thought I knew all about the raven boys, Blue and Cabeswater, even Henrietta, but here, she peeled back layer after layer, and let me see a whole different story. Rather, I should say that she dug deeper and the story bursts with one revelation after another in a twist and turn of surprises that will keep you reeling long after you have finished the book. The author also played with the time concept in a way that wasn't intimidating. The way she explained it, using Cabeswater and Noah was quite brilliant and simple to grasp and explains how things happened in the series. I have to say, Bravo! Well done!

I could end my review here, as the previous paragraph summed it perfectly.

Readers who haven't read the three previous books wouldn't feel lost, as the author expertly provides the back story without info dumping. Still, why deprive yourself of the experience? Start from the beginning and enjoy the ride.

REVIEW BY Tonyalee   

Learning to Swim

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"Cute read!"

Not having heard of LEARNING TO SWIM before going in, I had little to no expectations. I think this is both a good thing, yet a bad thing, considering there were times when I couldn't make heads or tails of the genre of the book, and the direction of the story. Is it contemporary? Fantasy? Is it something in between?

That being said, this read more of a coming of age story to me. With the main character, Cora, figuring some things out with her future, boys & school and also learning some hard facts about herself, her "friends" and family and where she comes from. All the while, we have stories of selkies and other folklore. I thought these stories were woven into real life lessons and the metaphors were brilliant. I loved the scenes with Ms. O'leary.

As far as the romance goes, Rory was hard to like at first. It's one of those situations where a person accuses someone of doing the thing they are doing and it's frustrating. However, the few scenes that Rory and Cora had together were rather sweet, and I loved how they got to know each other.

Now the ending left me slightly confused. It ended on quite the cliffhanger, yet it felt incomplete. Still, i am curious to see how the ending will affect Rory and Cora's future, both together and individually.

All in all, Learning to Swim was a cute read!

REVIEW BY miki   

Water Weaver

by Morgan Sheppard
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- characters

"A moving fantastical story that will make you dream but also remember what is the most important."

In a world where people have elemental powers, often 2 elements if no more, Marella is the only one with only Water as her element. Together with Nixie, an otter, as life partner she set about learning her skills as a weaver. Elements are linked with emotions and trait of character...for water is to be moved by emotions, to be able to feel compassion and empathy. Marella is still young but when her Lady appears to tell her she must go on a quest to save the world by restoring the balance of elements, she doesn't hesitate. Together with her childhood friend Daren, Chosen of earth and his partner the wolf Ula, Lani chosen of Air with Shaw, and lastly Kai Chosen of Fire and Kenna, they go on a quest rushed by time and fighting an unknown adversary while learning about themselves and their elements.

I particularly enjoyed the concept of animal as life partner, such a diversity and all with their own personality, it was not only fun but also a heartwarming thought. Also the elements and how they affected people was really well thought and rendered very believably.

The way the characters evolved along the quest and the links they built together was captivating, leading us to each quarter where we could meet a lot of different creatures, each so specific and at the same time so in harmony with the rest. The Lords and ladies and the Scions as well were great allies with their own sense of humour and it was refreshing to see them interact with their chosen in such a familiar way. The characters are really written in a believable way; it's easy to feel for them.

The story focuses a bit more on Marella and Kai, two opposites, but we still get enough of the others as not to forget them, and their relationship is built gradually. Slowly they learn about each other, and a friendship grows until they discover that for them it's more than that. The story is well written and we are taken by the flow, enjoying the journey as much as the quest itself as we keep being mesmerized and surprised.

It's a fantastic story where it's hard to decide if we prefer the human or their animal counterpart, but it won't leave you indifferent. The listing of Celtic terms at the end of the book is a good idea and great bonus as well.

REVIEW BY Terrill Rosado   

That Night

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- story
- characters

"4.5 STARS!!"

That Night is a short novella that focuses on high school relationships, mental illness and cyber-bullying.

It's a Monday morning and Luke, a grade 12 student, enters his high school and is immediately struck by the odd looks and attitude he is given by most of the other students. He's unsure what has happened between Friday and Monday to bring about this odd behavior. He didn't know until his best friend divulges the source of the animosity--Luke's girlfriend has tried to hurt herself and it's all over Facebook. Most of the school blames Luke and he's now worried about his girlfriend as well as his future beyond high school.

I was mesmerized by this story. It was like unwrapping a mystery layer by layer with no idea of the outcome. I was worried, angry, frustrated and feeling defeated right along with Luke. In fact, I felt like I was almost angrier than Luke. I would catch myself thinking about what I wanted to say or do if I was in Luke's shoes. I couldn't stand the judgement by those who didn't have all of the facts.

I tend to stay away from short stories or novellas, because I worry that the they will leave me feeling unsatisfied. There was no need to worry about that with this one. I was immediately enmeshed with Luke and his dilemma. I hoped for the best outcome, went along for the ride, and I was ultimately satisfied. This is a great story for everyone, but especially young people who are quick to judge without discretion and ostracize those with any kind of mental illness.

REVIEW BY Laura Hernandez   

Senior Year Bites

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"Worth It!!!"

This was such an enjoyable vampiric read. The story line is well developed and I love how in control of her desire to feed Meg (Megan) is. I also love how clean this read is as it isn't like a typical vampire read. This is definitely written for young adults and you will find the characters to be refreshing!

REVIEW BY czai   

Sunset Rising

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- characters

"Highly recommended for YA Dystopian readers!!"

I decided to read Sunset Rising because of my interest in dystopian societies. It's a shame that this book's not popular. I think it should be. It has everything you need in a dystopian novel. It may lack on certain aspects but it's basically what I enjoy to read in the genre.

Sunset Rising is a post-apocalyptic novel wherein people live in a place called Dome because of a nuclear attack. Almost three hundred years ago, Sunny O'Donnell's ancestors agreed to be enslaved in order to gain access to the Dome. Now, Sunny was forced to 'serve' the bachelor party of Jack Kenner, the fiance of the Dome's president's daughter. But things did not end up well for the two of them. They were accused of treason. But this fateful event allowed both Sunny and Jack to see more of the world they live in.

The world of Sunset Rising is possibly the reason I read dystopian novels. Admittedly, it did not offer me anything new from what I've previously read but I never really get tired of this setting: a society built on corrupt leadership, a well written and established unfair world, an involvement of slavery with an extremely high wall separating them from high class society members, and a community thriving on fear and necessity.

Can we call a rebellion now? It's always the peak or highest point of dystopian novels.

Given that Sunset Rising is the first book in the series, it successfully established its world. I was really engaged in it. I got to know its history. I hated its unfairness--the Cull, the place they live in, the limitations they have, the way their supervisors treat them at their jobs. I pity those who live in the Pit. S.M. McEachern was able to really explore the world. She made me visualize it (and it's not good). Sunset Rising was also able to stir the society to raise their hands and say yes to an uprising--it was well set up. I love how the people didn't just switched beliefs or alliances for convenience. There was always enough time for everyone to develop their views. I like how the people didn't just jump and say, "Hey, I'm in to your rebellion!" S.M. McEachern showed that starting a is not as easy as asking someone to join your club. It takes a lot of convincing, making them realize the unfairness of the world, and giving them the courage to stand up.

Sunny is a well developed heroine. She's a very strong heroine who's more than willing to protect everyone she loves. Unfortunately, it brought her to the pinch she's in. From someone who's too scared to be late for work, Sunny slowly developed into someone who's brave enough to encourage an uprising. It wasn't an easy thing for her--she has to face the wrath of the President and his cunning daughter; she has to run and hide for her life; she has to live with an elite; she has to hide her identity. All these things (especially the dozens of conversations she had with Jack) shaped Sunny into becoming more brave, more stable to stand on her beliefs, more knowledgeable of the society she lives in.

Let me also take note how well the author wrote the secondary characters. Many of them really stuck to me. Jack, at first, is someone I wasn't really sure I'd like. He felt unpredictable at first. I can't read him--is he okay with his fiancee's plan? Is he an evil guy? Does he really want change?--Yet as I read on, I come to really like Jack. I like how he stands on his beliefs. I like how honest he is. I like how he's willing to do everything for what he believes in. He's a really commendable guy. Summer, Sunny's best friend on the other hand, is one of Sunny's weakness. She's scared of the society (well, who isn't?) and she's weak.

Sunny and Jack's relationship is well developed. I like how they barely communicated in the beginning--how they have no idea how to stand beside each other, their uncertainty towards each other but gave in because of their need to trust the other. The romance did not happen immediately. I like how their feelings for each other slowly grow--how they simply live with each other out of necessity and started getting to know each other in the process. The development may sound formulaic but the author's approach to developing their relationship is simply good. I liked both of them, I ship them, I want to see them have that happy ending.

Sunset Rising has a perfect pace. I LOVE: (1) the prologue was perfect--it set the background of the Dome well, (2) the betrayal early on in the novel was great--I think that it's one of Sunset Rising's greatest point, (3) the run and hide of Sunny and Jack--there was thrill and excitement there. I was rooting for them and I get a bit nervous at times. Will they be found? How? How will they escape?.

Overall, Sunset Rising is a post-apocalyptic dystopian novel that follows the genre's basic structure. It has a brave and well developed heroine who may or may not get lost in your sea of strong heroines. It has a romance that you'll want to see sailing. It involves a corrupt society that you'd want to bring down (and possibly burn down as well). It successfully established the world and spark the uprising for the second novel (which I must say I'm so interested to grab because of that ending!!!). Sunset Rising is recommended for those who enjoy YA dystopian series.

REVIEW BY Ashia   

Tell Me Three Things

by Julie Buxbaum
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- characters

"One of the best contemporary YA novels I've read this year"

TELL ME THREE THINGS is a generally a feel good, romantic YA novel. Though it deals with the heroine's grief at the death of her mother and its aftermath, there's also something to balance it out--friendship and first love.

Jessie's father remarried and upended her life when he moved them both to LA (from Chicago) to live with her new stepmother and stepbrother. It wasn't easy for Jessie to adjust to her new life, being away from best friend Scarlett and her father was no help at all. So when somebody called Somebody Nobody (SN) sent her an email, offering to help her navigate her new school, she accepts and so begins an unusual friendship...

I love love love this story! Even though I'm way past YA age, this story brings me back to my high school days, though I have to admit, teenagers have it much easier back then.

I love how the author handled Jessie's grief and her memories of her mom. It was beautifully done, making us see and empathize with the heroine without descending into melodramatic sentimentality. If you're like me, you might want a hanky or some tissues at hand as you read. Jessie's plight made me realize how lucky I am that my mom's still here and how I don't appreciate her enough.

And how cool (cool beans!) is the email/IM secret admirer angle. Though it didn't start out that way, feelings on both sides developed as each teen gets to know the other via their daily texts. Their exchanges is one of the best things of this book and something I look forward to. It was romantic and mysterious and did I say it's one of the best parts of this story? SN is totally drool-worthy; I almost like him better than his real self! Oooh, have I said how I love how they tell each other three things about themselves everyday? I wish though there could have been more romantic moments/scenes between Jessie and SN's real self, but I guess there's no point to this for the plot. It's just I love these two characters a lot and I'd have loved to see more of their interaction in their real selves now that the truth is out. Maybe a sequel?

I guess one of reasons this story resonates with me is due to Jessie's voice, which is engaging, brave, and not at all whiny for a young person who must have felt like she was in over her head most of the time, especially at the beginning. But she soldiered on, showing her to be strong and stealthy like a ninja, even if she didn't know it.

Overall, TELL ME THREE THINGS is one of the best contemporary YA novels I've read this year. A must read!

REVIEW BY Terrill Rosado   

Life in the Lucky Zone

by Patricia Tighe
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- characters

"4 STARS!"

This is a sweet teen romance along the same lines as Patricia Tighe's first book in this series, Life in the No-Dating Zone. Lucky Zone centers around Gray and Claire's (from No-Dating Zone) best friends, Trey and Lindsey. Lindsey is known as a notorious flirt, but has been in a committed (or so she thought) relationship for some time. When an abrupt break-up with said boyfriend occurs, Lindsey is shocked and hurt. Meanwhile, what starts as a barely tolerable existence between Trey and Lindsey turns into a friendship when they are paired to run lines for their school's upcoming drama production. Trey is a people-pleaser by nature and is compelled to comfort Lindsey to help her get through her break-up. At the same time, Lindsey is looking for the "lucky" guy who will quickly fill the void that her previous boyfriend has left in her life and heart.

First, I just want to say how much I enjoyed Trey's character. He was a loving friend, brother, and son with a quick wit. The banter between him and Lindsey were my favorite parts throughout the entire book. I quickly tired of Lindsey's need for inanimate and human lucky charms, but Trey's presence and POV helped me get past that annoyance. Another refreshing element to this story were the healthy parent/child relationships. Dysfunctional families tend to be the norm in many of today's YA books. I also enjoyed the swoon-worthy moments at the last 20% of the book--a nice HEA.

REVIEW BY Ali Kiki   

Just a Few Inches

- rating
- story
- characters

"This story was very unique. "

Carrie Roberts has got an amazing life. She has a loving family, all-star basketball player boyfriend, she is a cheerleader, and she will be graduation soon. All Carrie really wants is to lose a few inches in order to fit into this gorgeous Valentine’s Day dress that she bought. When Carrie sees an ad for some weight loss pills on TV, she decided to give them a try. They did help her lose a few inches but they were in height rather than in her waist.

What I liked:

• This story was very unique. I thought it took a very interesting path to take with relaying a message of be comfortable in your body.
• Ms. St. Pierre’s writing is definitely unique and she creates a very though provoking plot. She creates a very interesting tale in order to show what this character is going through and how ridiculous she is being.
• I really liked how the author included the thoughts and feelings of Carrie’s friends and family. I think it was a nice perspective to show how her insecurity and selfishness was also affecting them.

What I disliked:

• I couldn’t find a way to relate to Carrie at all. I had a hard time with Carrie’s character because I feel like she is way too self-centered. She has everything but she still is vain enough to take diet pills to drop some inches. It wasn’t like she was fat at all. She just wanted to look how she thought she should look.
• I felt like some passages were a bit too wordy. I feel lie there was extra information added in places that we just didn’t need.
• I would have loved to learn more about Todd and Carrie’s relationship. Even though their relationship is not what the book is about, it would have been nice to have some more information about the two of them together.

Wrap up:

• I really thought that this is a good book for those battling with their self-image. I didn’t think it is the best book out there but I feel like it did share a lot of good information. I really like the unique take that the author had.

REVIEW BY Tonyalee   

Coral and Bone

- rating
- story
- characters

"Interesting world... "

Underwater worlds. Evil mermaids. Lies. Secrets. A destiny. The premise for Coral and Bone (plus the cover) is what caught my eye and having read a book by the same author in the past, I jumped right in. Sadly, I didn't love this as much as I wanted to and actually had issues with it.

For starters, I do like how the main character, Halen, doesn't know anything about what's going on in the book, which in turn, has us learning everything right along with her. The intention, I would assume, is to put us into the story and makes us a part of it. However, and this is a personal preference, I don't like the information to be given to me as the reader in dialogue. Eighty percent of the backstory, history, and world building is given to us in dialogue. I felt like I was being talked to vs experiencing it myself. Which defeats the purpose of the style of writing.

Speaking of, the writing was really choppy and didn't flow well from chapter to chapter. The author is great at hooks but the execution wasn't done well. I also found many typos, which would normally not even register for me to comment on but this is a finished novel that had been out for a while. In addition to that, I had more questions than answers because there were aspects of the world that were not clearly explained. Or was left for us to just KNOW. What was explained, though, makes for an interesting world that I've never seen before.

As for character development, Halen was a hard character to like--but those are my favorite to read. Being thrown into the things, finding out about everything that was kept from her and what she was expected to do could not have been easy. While I didn't like how immature she was for most of the book, I understood her and her anger, and her determination to not give up, even though she wanted to.

In addition to Halen, we also get another POV told in 3rd person, which was Tage. I adored Tage and her story. Getting her POV was an added benefit to see what was going on around us outside of Halen.

There is a bit of a romance, two actually, but I liked how they both took a backseat to everything else going on and didn't overwhelm the story.

All in all, Coral and Bone was not at all what I'd hoped and kind of a letdown. Perhaps with some changes and smoother writing, this would have been MORE. Not me for, sadly.

REVIEW BY Laura Hernandez   

The Volk Advent

- rating
- story
- characters

"A Breathtaking Read"

I will start my review by telling you that by the end of the second chapter I stopped reading this and I called my daughter into my bedroom and I began to read the book out loud. We read it in one sitting and we both loved it.

The suspense kept us on the edge of the bed and we often found ourselves laughing. The story line was beautiful and uplifting and full of life lessons. This author is talented and has a way with words. We both look forward to reading more of her books and we HIGHLY recommend this to one and all.

REVIEW BY miki   

Soul Slam, Soul Warriors Book 1

- rating
- story
- characters

"Fantastic adventure filled with action, romance and old Egyptian magic. A must read"

Adventure, romance and a big dose of Egyptian myths this is a perfect book for a summer reading!

Soul Slam is a perfect story for any reader from 12 years old.

I really love the Egyptian mythology and culture so this sounded like a book I could like but it ended being even better i loved it and read it in one sitting.

Yes the Egyptian part is probably not really accurate but it doesn't matter..what matter is that it was fun! Tut doesn't speak or act a lot but when he does he is quite demanding and...sometimes moving. I would have loved to learn more about him but he isn't the hero of the story so he gets to stay a bit more mysterious.

The Hero is a young female Olivia...she hasn't a easy life but from the start we understand how she wants to stay a good person. She cares for those weaker than her and try to get them what they need, she is not only protective, she is loyal and has a lot of empathy... because of that she is trying to steal an amulet from a museum but nothing goes like expected when suddenly others appear and she ends up with a pharaoh's soul inside her. While Olivia doesn't believe what she was told about Tut's soul at first, she still wants to do what is right starting by saving Xander, a boy she just met because she understands him.

Xander was supposed to host Tut's soul since his birth....a secret society educated him for that goal and when he fails he is of no use for them. Lost and a bit afraid he still accepts that the mysterious power from the amulet comes with responsibilities, and since Olivia got it by accident, it means that he is responsible for teaching her what he knows and to protect her.

However, not even Xander was told everything about Tut and what they discover make them realise that it's far from a game and a lot is at risk...

I really loved to see Xander and Olivia's relationship grow and their trust building among the action and the serious quest. They don't have it easy because of their own past but they both want to do what would be the best even if doesn't always match the other's wish.

The action is fast paced with several twists, and even if some are predictable you are so immersed into the story that you don't want to miss a line. Even better, this book is complete, no cliffhanger or anything even if you will most than probably want to get more of these characters and universe with perhaps even more Egyptian magic ( thankfully the author will offer you the second book if you follow her newsletter so no stress^^).

REVIEW BY Laura Hernandez   


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- characters

"Contains A Positive Message"

I was swept away by this young adult novella's theme that contains a positive message for everyone; "Our shortcomings don't define who we are, unless we let them."

We bear witness to the cruelty that Cindy faces due to poverty and because she has one leg that is shorter than the other. Shortcomings is beautifully written with equally beautiful characters and the moral of the story is appropriate for readers of all ages. This is a true gem and everyone should read it as it teaches that we should love ourselves. I wish I could give it more than five stars.

REVIEW BY Shakera Blakney   


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- characters

"Great Sequel!"

We pick up where we left off with Lorelei in the human world. Her healing abilities aren't working and I'm panicking! Adrius is in the human world with her, but so is Venus, who is as beautiful as I believe her to be crazy. It's revealed that the veil between Lorelei's human world and Adrius' mythical world is slowly breaking.

While I thought the book started off a bit slow, it was interesting to see more of Lorelei's world and her friends. I have to say, the plot blew me away. I don't usually have high hopes for sequels, but this book exceeded my expectations by far! The character developments as well as the world building left me speechless. Ms. Barrow-Belisle has created characters that are easy to love and hate... sometimes at the same time! I shouldn't love Zanthiel, but I do! It is hard at times to tell if he is the bad guy, but I can't help but root for him. I adore Adrius, but there were moments where he seemed a bit too controlling for my taste. While I know he has Lorelei's best interest at heart, I felt she should have been able to make her own decisions as he gave her guidance. I will say, while I like Lorelei as a character... she drives me crazy sometimes. At the same time, she is learning so much about herself and what she is capable of; which makes it easy to forgive some of the decisions she does make. (I'm secretly hoping for a romance between Lorelei and Zanthiel!)

This was well done and thought out! I can't wait for book 3!

REVIEW BY Laura Hernandez   

Totally Starcross'd

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- story
- characters

"Highly Recommend It"

I LOVED this modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet. It pulled me in from the moment that Romilly and Julian met and kept me glued until the bitter end. A beautiful and well written story line and you could feel the love and heartache oozing from the story. The author did an amazing job with this retelling and I highly recommend this to everyone!!!

REVIEW BY Anastasia Gkaitatzi   

The Revenge Artist

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"A story where drawing and magic come together and create a dangerous combination..."

The Revenge Artist is a story about bullying, the way it can affect someone's life and how tempting revenge seems...

The strongest part of the book is its main character. Evelyn Hernandez is a strong female character that leads her life the way she wants and not the way people would want her to in order for her to fit in. She's your average high school student, she makes her own dresses and she has two loyal and supportive friends.

Then, one day, everything changes. One of the most popular boys in her high school asks her to go to a party with her, but life is not fair, we all know that and that's the case with our heroine in this story. That's how she discovers that she has a gift, or maybe a curse, which she uses in order to make that guy pay for making her feel this way.

Eventually, she finds out she's a witch but she thinks she's an evil one. But being a good or a bad witch doesn't depend on a single action based on revenge, but on the witch's entire life, her character, her kindness and her heart.

One of the things I really liked is the title itself. It makes you wonder what the story is about. The Revenge Artist is a witty title and an amazingly written story. Philip Hoy created a unique and independent character that impressed me. I am looking forward to read the rest of Evelyn's story!

Our Dark Duet
The sequel—and conclusion—to Victoria Schwab’s instant #1 New York Times bestseller, This Savage Song.

Kate Harker is a girl who isn’t afraid of the dark. She’s a girl who hunts monsters. And she’s good at it. August Flynn is a monster who can never be human. No matter how much he once yearned for it. He has a part to play. And he will play it, no matter the cost.

Nearly six months after Kate and August were first thrown together, the war between the monsters and the humans is a terrifying reality. In Verity, August has become the leader he never wished to be, and in Prosperity, Kate has become the ruthless hunter she knew she could be. When a new monster emerges from the shadows—one who feeds on chaos and brings out its victim’s inner demons—it lures Kate home, where she finds more than she bargained for. She’ll face a monster she thought she killed, a boy she thought she knew, and a demon all her own.

A gorgeously written dark fantasy from New York Times-bestselling author Victoria Schwab, and one to hand to fans of Holly Black, Laini Taylor, and Maggie Stiefvater.

Whatever you've heard about Caraval, it doesn't compare to the reality. It's more than just a game or a performance. It's the closest you'll ever find to magic in this world . . .

Scarlett has never left the tiny island where she and her beloved sister, Tella, live with their powerful, and cruel, father. Now Scarlett’s father has arranged a marriage for her, and Scarlett thinks her dreams of seeing Caraval, the far-away, once-a-year performance where the audience participates in the show, are over.

But this year, Scarlett’s long-dreamt of invitation finally arrives. With the help of a mysterious sailor, Tella whisks Scarlett away to the show. Only, as soon as they arrive, Tella is kidnapped by Caraval’s mastermind organizer, Legend. It turns out that this season’s Caraval revolves around Tella, and whoever finds her first is the winner.

Scarlett has been told that everything that happens during Caraval is only an elaborate performance. But she nevertheless becomes enmeshed in a game of love, heartbreak, and magic with the other players in the game. And whether Caraval is real or not, she must find Tella before the five nights of the game are over, a dangerous domino effect of consequences is set off, and her sister disappears forever.

Welcome, welcome to Caraval . . . beware of getting swept too far away.

The Dark Hour
Becca Simpson is a not so average teenager, and she knows it. In fact, she embraces it. She was chosen to be a Keeper, one who keeps the gates sealed between the magic world and the "normal" world. The only time she isn't safe from the dark creatures of the Other Side is the Dark Hour. Every night, at the same time, the gates between the two worlds open and Becca is left vulnerable until the gate closes and the minions disappear. But that's why she has Erik Manchester. As her Guardian, Erik is in charge of making sure no one, or no thing, comes after her to take her away. Because waiting for her on the Other Side is a tyrannical emperor, looking to use her status to meld the two worlds into one.

With Erik, Becca feels safe, but suffocated. There are rules she has to follow in order to keep out of the hands of the emperor. Then Kyne walks into her life and challenges everything she knows. Not only does he know things about the Other Side, but he's from there. And found a way to stay in the normal world without frying.

Full Fusion (Book 1 of The Fusion Series)
Eighteen-year-old Roxie Sebastian lives a charmed life, and she knows it. Too bad she can’t feel it. All her life, she’s felt disconnected from the world around her. Everything changes just before graduation, when she’s drawn to an eerie, brilliant light—which narrowly misses her as it blows up her friend Lincoln’s car. Clearly someone’s after Roxie, and finally Lincoln tells her the truth: He and Roxie are angels, beings from another dimension, and that light is her soul, separated from her human body in a traumatic birth.

Once a skeptical Roxie rules out the other possibilities—like Lincoln created this delusion to escape his abusive father—she accepts her gut-deep knowledge of the truth. But someone has been screwing with her light, using it to commit crimes, and their actions are about to cause irreparable damage to two worlds: the one she lives in, and the one she can’t remember.

Aided by her best friend Jordan, her boyfriend Tucker, and Lincoln, Roxie tracks down the criminal and uncovers many more secrets not only of her past, but of the history of their race on Earth. And then Roxie faces a horrible dilemma—the only way she can stop them from ripping apart both worlds is to fuse with her light…which could be tainted by the evil with which it was used.

The Fading Dusk
In the gritty city of Dusk, seventeen-year-old Irina makes her living as the street magician Bantheir’s assistant. The job isn’t glamorous, but she loves the crowds, the shows, and most of all, the illusion of magic. But Irina’s world is shattered the night she is arrested and charged as Bantheir’s accomplice to murder—murder by magic. Real magic, the kind that’s been forbidden since the old wars. Irina finds the idea of flashy showman Bantheir using actual magic to kill someone laughable, but she’s the only one who sees how ridiculous the claim is. But how can she convince everyone Bantheir is innocent when they’ve already made up their minds?

Desperate, Irina must decide who she can trust to help her win her freedom. Is the surly, handsome Captain Leonid telling the truth when he says he believes Irina is innocent, or is he just using her to get to Bantheir? What about Aden, the sweet soldier and longtime fan of Irina’s who claims he’s on her side?

Irina said she wanted to know the truth, but when she stumbles across a dark secret that changes everything, will she be strong enough to survive?

Chevelle Donahue thought going into work would be just like any other boring day at the mall. Sure, there was her annoying co-worker Wicken Sanders, and a promotional visit from teen heartthrob Timber Hudson, to watch and keep her entertained. But who was she kidding? Working retail was lame no matter what happened.

A terrorist attack changes everything - an attack from aliens of all things. The patrons are given two options: comply or else. Complying means giving in to a new set of rules and changing her entire life. "Or else" means she has no chance of going home again.

She must figure out the truth behind why the aliens are holding everyone hostage. In doing so, she risks her chance at freedom - but by the time she learns what's really happening, she might not want it.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns
Once a century, one person is chosen for greatness. Elisa is the chosen one. But she is also the younger of two princesses. The one who has never done anything remarkable, and can’t see how she ever will.

Now, on her sixteenth birthday, she has become the secret wife of a handsome and worldly king–a king whose country is in turmoil. A king who needs her to be the chosen one, not a failure of a princess.

And he’s not the only one who seeks her. Savage enemies, seething with dark magic, are hunting her. A daring, determined revolutionary thinks she could be his people’s savior, and he looks at her in a way that no man has ever looked at her before. Soon it is not just her life, but her very heart that is at stake.

Elisa could be everything to those who need her most. If the prophecy is fulfilled. If she finds the power deep within herself. If she doesn’t die young. Most of the chosen do.

The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back
Everyone knows how those fairy tales go. The princess gets beautiful, nabs her prince and leaves her evil stepsisters in the dust.

But what happens when you're the ugly stepsister and your obnoxiously perfect--pretty, smart, and, worst of all, nice--stepsister is dating the charming, devastatingly handsome guy you've had a thing for since you were nine?

Quirky, artistic and snarky Mattie Lowe does not lead a charmed life. Her mother is constantly belittling her online. The school mean girl has made it her mission to torment Mattie. But worst of all? Her stepsister is the most popular girl in school and is dating Mattie's secret crush, Jake Kingston.

Tired of being left out and done with waiting for her own fairy godmother to show up, Mattie decides to change her life. She'll start by running for senior class president against Jake.

Ella can keep her Prince Annoying. Mattie's going to rule the school.

And no one, not even a cute and suddenly flirty Jake, is going to stop her.

This is a new release of an edition originally published by Fire & Ice Books with additional bonus content.

Letters to the Lost
Juliet Young always writes letters to her mother, a world-traveling photojournalist. Even after her mother's death, she leaves letters at her grave. It's the only way Juliet can cope.

Declan Murphy isn't the sort of guy you want to cross. In the midst of his court-ordered community service at the local cemetery, he's trying to escape the demons of his past.

When Declan reads a haunting letter left beside a grave, he can't resist writing back. Soon, he's opening up to a perfect stranger, and their connection is immediate. But neither Declan nor Juliet knows that they're not actually strangers. When life at school interferes with their secret life of letters, sparks will fly as Juliet and Declan discover truths that might tear them apart.

How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You
Sweet sixteen and never been kissed—and that’s the way Aurora Skye wants it to be. She’s too busy finding guys for her two best friends, counseling her sensitive New Age dad (the NAD), and dealing with the unexpected return of her long-absent mom.

But always in the background there’s Hayden Paris, the boy next door, the bane of Aurora’s existence. Smart, funny, and always around to see her at her worst, he ‘gets’ her like no-one else... and that’s what makes him so infuriating.

When Aurora and Hayden are coerced into the lead roles in the school production of Much Ado About Nothing, things can only get worse. How is Aurora going to save her first kiss for the secret admirer who wooed her with poetry and a spectacular bunch of flowers on Valentine’s Day if she doesn’t know who he is and she’s obligated to lock lips with Hayden in the play’s final dramatic clinch?

From talented debut YA author Tara Eglington, How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You is a page-turning, funny and delicious romp of a book.

A Distant Voice
In life you don't find your voice. It finds you.

Violet Hayes knows how to survive the year living with her grandmother in the small town of Wandorah, Tennessee.

* Make Rose happy
* Don't sing or play guitar
* Avoid Sally Shaw
* Ignore Carter Jenkins

It seems simple enough, right? Wrong.

* How do you keep a depressed sister happy?
* How do you deny yourself your dream?
* How do you avoid a friendship?
* And how do you ignore a boy when he's everywhere you turn?

Violet's to-do list just became a whole lot harder.

Earth's End
A woman awoken in air, a soldier forged by fire, a weapon risen from blood.
Vhalla Yarl has made it to the warfront in the North. Forged by blood and fire, she has steeled her heart for the final battle of the Solaris Empire's conquest. The choices before Vhalla are no longer servitude or freedom, they are servitude or death. The stakes have never been higher as the Emperor maintains his iron grip on her fate, holding everything Vhalla still has left to lose in the balance.

The Impossible Vastness of Us
"I know how to watch my back. I'm the only one that ever has."

India Maxwell hasn't just moved across the country—she's plummeted to the bottom rung of the social ladder. It's taken years to cover the mess of her home life with a veneer of popularity. Now she's living in one of Boston's wealthiest neighborhoods with her mom's fiancé and his daughter, Eloise. Thanks to her soon-to-be stepsister's clique of friends, including Eloise's gorgeous, arrogant boyfriend, Finn, India feels like the one thing she hoped never to be seen as again: trash.

But India's not alone in struggling to control the secrets of her past. Eloise and Finn, the school's golden couple, aren't all they seem to be. In fact, everyone's life is infinitely more complex than it first appears. And as India grows closer to Finn and befriends Eloise, threatening the facades that hold them together, what's left are truths that are brutal, beautiful and big enough to change them forever…

From New York Times bestselling author Samantha Young comes a story of friendship, identity and acceptance that will break your heart—and make it whole again.

When Princess Cassia Rose fled her home world of Eturia to escape an arranged marriage, she had no idea her sudden departure would spark a war. Now after two years hiding as a ship hand, she is finally returning to her beloved home but not in the way she imagined. Shackled by bounty hunters, she is violently dragged back to account for her crimes. Her only solace is that the Banshee crew managed to evade capture, including Kane Arric, her best friend...with occasional benefits.

Meanwhile, Kane and the rest of the crew of the Banshee plan a desperate rescue mission. But when they arrive on Eturia, Cassia isn't exactly in need of heroics--she's claimed her birthright as Eturia's queen, but has inherited a war-torn planet simmering with rebellion. Cassia must make alliances, and Kane, the bastard son of a merchant, isn't a choice that will earn her any friends. Kane knows he will never find someone to replace Cassia--and is certain she returns his feelings--but how can he throw away his own promising future waiting on a queen?

When the outer realm is threatened by the dangerous Zhang mafia, Cassia, Kane and the rest of the Banshee crew uncover a horrifying conspiracy that endangers the entire universe. In the face of unspeakable evil, Cassia must confront her own family's complicated legacy on Eturia and decide once and for all who her real family is.

The Revenge Artist
Evelyn Hernandez is a high school junior who reads Shakespeare for fun, sews her own dresses, and keeps a sketch journal of her daily life. When Varsity quarterback Garvey Valenzuela breaks her heart, she sends him to the emergency room with a busted hand.

Add black magic to her resume...

Evelyn embarks on a dark journey of revenge when she discovers she has the power to make bad things happen by drawing them. Her emotional pain, isolation, and self-hatred lead her down a self-destructive path with dire consequences.

Triumph of Chaos
After the disaster in Europe, Darlena’s starting to get desperate. She knows the only way to
defeat Hecate and the other crazy Red Gods is by banding together with other Witches, but is it any wonder she has a hard time trusting them?

With Izzy’s support, Darlena begins making fragile strides toward repairing the mess she made,
but she just can’t catch a break. As chaos runs rampant around her, Darlena begins to think that things would be better if she’d never become a Red Witch in the first place. But there’s no way to change the past…is there?

The final book in the Red Magic series brings Darlena face to face with impossible odds, and a
terrifying choice.

Devil's Playground
Sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Winters may be a witch, but she doesn’t know the first thing about magic—unless you count accidental bouts of spontaneous combustion. Elizabeth’s father, a wizard himself, has forbidden the use of her powers for her own protection, but when accusations of witchcraft start flying through Salem Village, she wishes she was more prepared.
Despite her lack of magical knowledge, Elizabeth appoints herself to save innocent women from the demise the village has in store for them. Elizabeth finds, however, that she is not the hero Salem needs her to be.
She meant to save them. She cursed them instead.

Sunset Rising
Born a slave inside a secret government biodome, Sunny O’Donnell becomes the victim in a political plot that sparks a rebellion. Accused of treason and facing execution, she escapes with Jack Kenner, a man she considers an enemy, and discovers she not only has to work with him to survive, but also lead the revolution.

Readers Favorite 2015 Gold Book Award Winner

“…a heart stopping ride until the very end. Romance, intrigue, and action all come together beautifully here to create an experience that will leave anyone asking for more.” – Readers Favorite

“The ease and imagery of S.M. McEachern's writing style is so captivating you are truly sucked into the story. This book has it story, good vs evil, drama, suspense......definitely a book you can't put down!” – Midwest Book Review

To save the Faery world and her mother’s life, seventeen year old Lorelei sacrificed everything, and the dangerous bargains she made in Nevermore had lasting repercussions.

Now safely back in her own world, Lorelei seems the same to her high school friends and her supernatural boyfriend in spite of the dark magic growing within her. Yet love across dimensions is complicated, especially when an invisible veil between the two worlds is sealing, threatening to separate Lorelei and Adrius forever.

Nightmares from the Nevermore tighten their icy hold, when someone arrives determined to destroy Lorelei’s world, starting with those closest to her.

Once again she’s forced to choose between her family....her friends… and a love that was ill-fated from the start.

Timepiece: A Steampunk Time-Travel Adventure
You only THINK you know what happened at Waterloo

The real story involved more monsters. And a lot more time travel

It’s 1815, and Wellington’s badly-outnumbered army stares across the field of Waterloo at Napoleon’s forces. Desperate to hold until reinforcements arrive, Wellington calls upon a race of monsters created by a mad Genevese scientist 25 years before.

It’s 1815, and a discontented young lady sitting in a rose garden receives a mysterious gift: a pocket watch that, when opened, displays scenes from all eras of history. Past…and future.

It’s 1885, and a small band of resistance fighters are resorting to increasingly extreme methods in their efforts to overthrow a steampunk Empire whose clockwork gears are slick with its subjects’ blood.

Are these events connected?

Oh, come now. That would be telling.

Moving to a space station at the edge of the galaxy was always going to be the death of Hanna’s social life. Nobody said it might actually get her killed.

The sci-fi saga that began with the breakout bestseller Illuminae continues on board the Jump Station Heimdall, where two new characters will confront the next wave of the BeiTech assault.

Hanna is the station captain’s pampered daughter; Nik the reluctant member of a notorious crime family. But while the pair are struggling with the realities of life aboard the galaxy's most boring space station, little do they know that Kady Grant and the Hypatia are headed right toward Heimdall, carrying news of the Kerenza invasion.

When an elite BeiTech strike team invades the station, Hanna and Nik are thrown together to defend their home. But alien predators are picking off the station residents one by one, and a malfunction in the station's wormhole means the space-time continuum might be ripped in two before dinner. Soon Hanna and Nik aren’t just fighting for their own survival; the fate of everyone on the Hypatia—and possibly the known universe—is in their hands.

But relax. They've totally got this. They hope.

Once again told through a compelling dossier of emails, IMs, classified files, transcripts, and schematics, Gemina raises the stakes of the Illuminae Files, hurling readers into an enthralling new story that will leave them breathless.

High School is hard enough without the cold stares from classmates that remind you every day how different you are.

Our shortcomings don't define who we are, unless we let them. Cindy Johnson needs to learn that. Born with one leg shorter than the other, she has no self-esteem because of the cruel comments and cold stares she receives from her classmates. When Cory Neil, the football quarterback asks her to Homecoming, she's quite sure he's asked her on a dare and refuses. It takes more than just her mother's assurances that Cindy's beautiful before she realizes she may have made a mistake in turning him down

Crooked Kingdom
The highly anticipated sequel to the thrilling #1 New York Times-bestselling Six of Crows.

Kaz Brekker and his crew have just pulled off a heist so daring even they didn't think they'd survive. But instead of divvying up a fat reward, they're right back to fighting for their lives. Double-crossed and badly weakened by the kidnapping of a valuable team member, the crew is low on resources, allies, and hope. As powerful forces from around the world descend on Ketterdam to root out the secrets of the dangerous drug known as jurda parem, old rivals and new enemies emerge to challenge Kaz's cunning and test the team's fragile loyalties. A war will be waged on the city's dark and twisting streets?a battle for revenge and redemption that will decide the fate of the Grisha world.

A Drop of Night
Modern-day teenagers meet a palace of terrors locked up since the French Revolution in this haunting, genre-bending thriller from Stefan Bachmann, the internationally bestselling author of The Peculiar and The Whatnot. A Drop of Night will thrill fans of Neal Shusterman and Jessica Khoury.

Seventeen-year-old Anouk has finally caught the break she's been looking for―she's been selected out of hundreds of other candidates to fly to France and help with the excavation of a vast, underground palace buried a hundred feet below the suburbs of Paris. Built in the 1780's to hide an aristocratic family and a mad duke during the French Revolution, the palace has lain hidden and forgotten ever since. Anouk, along with several other gifted teenagers, will be the first to set foot in it in over two centuries.

Or so she thought.

But nothing is as it seems, and the teens―bitter, iron-hearted Anouk, gentle Will, bubbly Lilly, and crazy Jules―soon find themselves trapped in a game far more sinister, and dangerous, than they could possibly have imagined.

Starr Gone
A Starr gone. A team betrayed.

You never know who your true friends are until a gun’s pointed at you. One will take a bullet, and the other will pull the trigger. Starr learned that lesson the hard way.

The perfect smile. A killer attitude. General Treadwell wanted nothing more than to turn Starr Bishop into the ideal assassin, but she’s far more valuable as Jessica Chamberlain, granddaughter and heir to Chamberlain Chocolates. Luckily, he’s found two enthusiastic replacements. They lack Starr’s intelligence, but no matter, they possess their own weapons of persuasion along with a flair for the dramatic, and that’s never a bad thing.

Di, along with Christian, Frank, Ben and Coda, are determined to keep Starr safe, but the depths of betrayal crack the very foundation of the team. When Starr becomes a pawn in a game of power, money, and manipulation, Di channels her WWSD (What Would Starr Do) to rally the team. She owes her best friend that much. No... More.

Key of Mystery
"Be careful who you love. It just might kill you."
When Sera's father is killed in a horrific accident, all he leaves behind is a mysterious key. Sera places the key on a chain around her neck and vows to avenge her father. Strange characters arrive in town including the otherworldly Night Angels, who claim to be sent for her protection.
Sera falls hard for one of them—exotic, arrogant Peter. But what if his promise of love is only a ruse to gain access to the key? As Sera’s connection to the key grows, so do her supernatural powers. Guided by clues left by her father, Sera searches for the hidden chamber beneath the city, hoping to save what lies within before the sinister mayor and his deadly followers drown humanity in a bloodbath.

Magnetic Shift

The ability to magnetize and manipulate metal with the flick of her wrist makes seventeen-year-old Lexi Adams a crack mechanic, but it’s a disaster in the making when her stepdad trades her skills to NASCAR team owner Dean Grant for an entire season’s worth of sponsorship ads.

Now Lexi has no other choice but to suck it up and hope she can keep her magnetic impulses under control—that is, until she runs into NASCAR’s hot new rookie, Colton Tayler.

When Carl Stacy, the ruthless team owner of the defending Cup Champion, discovers Lexi’s secret and plots to use it to ruin Dean’s race team for good, Lexi must either expose her ability to save Colton, risking Dean’s career and her own freedom in the process, or watch the only guy she’s ever fallen for race to his death.

***Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards for Young Adult Fiction***
Can Michael get to heaven before the devil gets him first, and if it means leaving Sarah is he sure he still wants to go?
Michael Andrews had everything – a loving family, a great girlfriend and a promising basketball career. That was before the accident that took his life. Now he’s a marked soul pursued by demons, struggling to understand why he’s stuck, and led by a mentor who’s keeping secrets.
To make matters worse, he’s falling in love in the afterlife, where binding oneself to another soul is strictly forbidden, for it may keep one or both of the souls bound to earth for longer than they should be.
As if that’s not enough, there’s also a danger in going too far with Sarah, because the “joining” of two souls in the afterlife is also forbidden and they don’t know what will happen if they do go that far.
Each time they touch they can feel the boundaries of their energies slipping perilously into one another.
So maybe falling in love in the afterlife isn’t such a good idea?
Inspired by the legend of a haunting at the Angel of the Sea in Cape May, NJ, THE GHOST CHRONICLES is a YA paranormal with adult crossover appeal, perfect for fans of The Twilight saga and the movie Ghost.

Stacy's Song
Stacy's talent and love for music forces her to make hard choices. Life is risky, but she must learn to make important decisions on her own. Stacy Nelson, warm-hearted with a sense of humor, is a tall, skinny teenager, sometimes called "giraffe" by other kids. She's an average student with a lot of extracurricular interests. Her good friend Karen wants Stacy to practice with her and try out for cheerleading. Liz Norris asks Stacy to join a band that she and her brother Michael are starting, but Stacy has reservations. Her first meeting with Michael Norris is stormy, yet she is drawn in by his outstanding musical ability and joins the band. Stacy always wants to please everyone, but fails to think about who she is and what she really wants. After making the cheerleading squad, Greg Lawson, captain of the football team, becomes interested in Stacy. He is easy-going and charming, just the opposite of Michael. They start dating, and Stacy is suddenly popular in and out of school. As a cheerleader, she is accepted by the in-crowd. She tries to relax and enjoy this new lifestyle. When Stacy has difficulty meeting all of her commitments and her grades fall, her father is displeased and insists she quit the band. Stacy feels torn-wanting to please her father without letting down the other band members. Ultimately, while dealing with family and peer pressure, she must decide what is best for her.

Totally Starcross'd
A modern day retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

"Why does she have to be Romilly Montague? Any other name on the planet. She’d be just as pretty and cute and clever—just as perfect—but she wouldn’t be Romilly Montague. Then I’d have a chance with her.”

Romilly longs for the freedom to live her own life ... but her dad is Alan Montague, hot contender for the job of Governor. And the bigger he gets, the more protective of Romilly her parents become.

Could Julian Capulet’s luck be worse? As if being born into the most conservative family in Verona wasn't bad enough, the girl of his dreams is the daughter of his father's biggest adversary in the upcoming election. His embarrassing family—especially his troublemaking younger brother—seem set to totally ruin his chances with Romilly.

For Romilly and Julian it’s never been truer that you can choose your friends but not your family. Will this story end in woe—or can there be a happily ever after for this modern-day Juliet and Romeo?

The Starlight Chronicles Boxed Set
Lark Singer is seventeen years old and already on the way to a brilliant music career. But as she and her band, Starlight, gear up for a competition, life seems to be throwing her a few curve balls. The mysteries of her past seem to be unraveling, and she’s no longer certain she wants to know those answers or how knowing about her past will affect her difficult relationship with her mother. And when her best friend, Bean, changes things between them, all her plans for a musical future are placed in jeopardy. How can she balance her complicated personal life to keep her musical goals on track?

Gideon Lee
Lark Singer

A School For Unusual Girls
"...kept me reading until late into the night...completely original - and totally engrossing - world, full of smart girls, handsome boys, and sinister mysteries."
- Meg Cabot, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

"...enticing from the first sentence...gender stereotypes are turned upside down..."
- New York Times Book Review

"Spellbinding! ...a beautifully written tale of adventure, intrigue, and romance...a true page-turner!"
- Rachel Hawthorne, NYT Bestselling Author

A School for Unusual Girls is the first captivating installment in the Stranje House series for young adults by award-winning author Kathleen Baldwin.

It’s 1814. Napoleon is exiled on Elba. Europe is in shambles. Britain is at war on four fronts. And Stranje House, a School for Unusual Girls, has become one of Regency England’s dark little secrets. The daughters of the beau monde who don’t fit high society’s constrictive mold are banished to Stranje House to be reformed into marriageable young ladies. Or so their parents think. In truth, Headmistress Emma Stranje, the original unusual girl, has plans for the young ladies—plans that entangle the girls in the dangerous world of spies, diplomacy, and war.

After accidentally setting her father’s stables on fire while performing a scientific experiment, Miss Georgiana Fitzwilliam is sent to Stranje House. But Georgie has no intention of being turned into a simpering, pudding-headed, marriageable miss. She plans to escape as soon as possible—until she meets Lord Sebastian Wyatt. Thrust together in a desperate mission to invent a new invisible ink for the English war effort, Georgie and Sebastian must find a way to work together without losing their heads—or their hearts…

These Vicious Masks
Evelyn has no interest in marriage and even the dashing Mr. Kent can't make her want to live up to society's expectations. She'd much rather assist her beloved sister Rose in becoming the world's first female doctor. But everything changes the night she meets Sebastian Braddock – not only is the reclusive lord both vexing and surprisingly attractive, he's also quite possibly mad, and his interest in Rose is galling. So when Evelyn wakes up to discover that Rose has disappeared, she immediately suspects Sebastian.

But then she discovers that Sebastian's strange tales of special powers are actually true, and that Rose's kidnappers have worse in mind for her than simply ruining her reputation. Surrounded by secrets, lies, and unprecedented danger, Evelyn has no choice but to trust Sebastian, yet she can't help but worry that Sebastian's secrets are the most dangerous of all…

Starr Fall
On the run from the Organization, Starr never planned on falling in love.

Starr Bishop’s the complete package. A perfect smile, brains to match, and a winning attitude. Boys want to date her and girls want to be her. She’s the type of girl you want to hate, if only she wasn’t so damn likable. But don’t worry, she’s not interested in your boyfriend. Boys are one complication she can live without.

When the Organization decides she’s not only the model student but the ideal assassin, Starr’ll need a lot more than high test scores and extracurricular involvement to get herself out of that commitment.

Dark, moody, and dead sexy Christian Evergood is the last person she’d expect—or even want— to come to her rescue. From opposite ends of Webster High’s social hierarchy, their lives collide in one electrifying moment. Christian isn’t the Goth loner he pretends to be, he’s a part Cherokee, All-American boy who wants to be a hero, Starr’s hero. Christian makes Starr forget that the Organization is after her, but nothing will stop the Organization from collecting their top recruit.

By the way, the spot for junior class president just became available.

What People Are Saying About Starr Fall....
"I was swept up in Kim Briggs' whirlwind of secrets, swoon, and adventure from page one. Beautifully writing combined with a smart, driven protagonist made this a book I couldn't put down.” —Isabel Bandeira, Author of Bookishly Ever After (Jan 2016) and Dramatically Ever After (June 2017)

As the opener in what promises to be a thrilling series, Starr Fall hits the ground running and hits the water swimming. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough as Starr went from a super-achieving but otherwise pretty normal high school junior to a girl on the run from a shady, powerful government (maybe) agency and a deep, dark conspiracy we only see in glimpses. And why has the weird kid from school suddenly become her ultra-hot sidekick, with a connection between them that literally gives off sparks? He’s a lot more than he seems. Every answer raises another question as the reader ricochets between the threat level outside the remote cabin and the heat level inside it. Briggs knows how to crank up both kinds of tension, in the best possible way. Book two can’t come soon enough for this reader! -- Liz Coley, author of the award winning, internationally best-selling Pretty Girl-13

“You told me before that you’d never regret meeting me. Do you still feel that way now?”

Party? Cake? Friends? No, for Sakura Takeshi, her eighteenth birthday was spent meticulously preparing for her coming death. But all of her planning didn’t include meeting the star of her late guardian’s fairy tales in her garden one night.

Now she has a handsome yokai now sharing her house and her bed, a jealous young tengu living in her cherry tree, a cheerful classmate determined to push past her walls to be her first friend, and a heart in danger of being stolen.

Sakura’s stoic acceptance of her fate is slipping, but with the end of her life rapidly approaching, is there any point in learning to live again?

Aisuru is a young adult love story with a charming prince of hero, a sweetly conflicted heroine, a sprinkling of fantasy, and a little spice to warm the heart.