REVIEW BY Amanda Marie   

Flipping the Scales

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"A Different Sort of Mermaid Book"

I picked up Flipping the Scales because I was looking for a light read. The cover brought to mind the TV series H20: Just Add Water, mainly because of the orange tail. So I decided to give Flipping the Scales a go.

I have to say that I did like how Flipping the Scales was different from other mermaid stories. Jill and especially Hailey were well-versed in various mermaid stories and used that knowledge to try to help Meredith when she grew a tail. However, the stories the girls had heard weren’t accurate and Jill and Hailey ran out of options.

Now Meredith is stuck as a mermaid until the next full moon and Marina is stuck with legs. Both girls are going to have to find ways to assimilate while they await the full moon. Meredith has Lorelei to help her understand the ways of the mer while Marina has Jill and Hailey to teach her to be human.

I liked Marina’s character a lot. She was only stuck with legs because Lorelei had dragged her to the shore. Now she is completely stuck and Lorelei can’t be with her. That would be rather overwhelming.

I did not click with Meredith at all. She seemed to think she was better than everyone else because she was intelligent. She gets fixated on things that aren’t important and doesn’t seem to be very friendly. Maybe it is just me, but I didn’t like her.

Overall, I liked the story. There were some twists that I didn’t see coming and some surprises. I’m sure readers younger than me would really enjoy it. In fact, I am thinking some of my students who would probably love it.

REVIEW BY Shakera Blakney   

Fire And Ice

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"Great start to a series!"

Growing up, everyone at some time in their life believed they were different. Lorelei is no different... except she is different. She has this mysterious and unexplained ability to heal people. Throw in a hot elf AND a hot fey, a few people wanting get to kill you and you have quite the story!

I haven't read a book with this much angst in such a long time! I found myself constantly wanting/needing to know what happened next and what will happen after that. The characters are well developed and yet mysterious. There were moments of frustration because of misunderstandings and moments of humor so that the story didn't get too serious so quickly.

I truly enjoyed this story and I am looking forward to reading much more of this series!

REVIEW BY Ali Kiki   

Kisses On A Paper Airplane

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"All in all, I really liked this story"

Kisses on a Paper Airplane by Sarah Vance-Tompkins was a very short cute read. I think this is a really good book for teens. I think it really reminds people that celebrities are people too.

Hannah is a very shy character. I actually found her quite timid at times. She doesn't like to be around other people. She would rather blend into a crowd. I think it is quite funny because she is studying drama. Theo is also an insecure character. Theo is also a pop sensation. I think he is a pretty grounded character which was really nice to see. He tries hard to be polite to people and he is definitely a bit of a nerd.

I think it was really sweet how Theo just jumps in and comes to the rescue. Hannah thinks that maybe Theo may be the guy that she has always wanted to share her first kiss with. When Hannah finds out who Theo really is, she turns back into her very shy self. I thought the two characters' interactions were done really well.

The story was a bit slow for my preference. Some parts seemed to drag on when other parts went by very fast. I think pacing could use some improvement. The plot line was very cute. Ms. Vance-Tompkins does a great job executing her plot line. It is a very cute rainy day read. The perspective switched between Theo and Hannah's points of view.

My biggest complaint is that I wanted a lot more from Hannah. This story is supposed to be telling the point of view of a 19-year old and she acted more like she was 14 or 15. I think the age wasn't allotted very well. This was the same issue with Theo. He acted way older than his 20's. I think the ages of the characters don't fit very well.

I do have to give kuddos to Ms. Vance-Tompkins because she was able to create an instant connection for some characters without it being an insta-love. I really liked that because it bothers me when characters seem to automatically be in love with each other. All in all I really liked this story. It will be great to see what the author does in the future.

REVIEW BY Laura Hernandez   

Stacy's Song

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"Definitely A Must Read"

This is the tale of a high school teenager who at first appears to be a people pleaser as evidenced by her friendship with her best friend Karen and her relationship with her father. But once she joins the band her life begins to change, and Stacey begins to learn that listening to her inner voice will never steer her wrong.

The story line flowed smoothly and developed beautifully and the characters were all strong and unique in their own ways. I loved the dynamic between Stacey and Michael and you could feel the raw emotions between the two of them. This is definitely a must read!

REVIEW BY Ashia   

These Vicious Masks

by Kelly Zekas, Tarun Shanker
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"Absolute page turner!"

These Vicious Masks is an absolute page turner! The combination of historical and paranormal makes for a refreshing change. The story moves at a steady pace with a mix of action and revelation that is compelling.

My only gripe is that once the idea of people with powers emerged, suddenly, everyone has power! Er..that makes it a bit unbelievable. However, what I also like is that the ending is not contrived, and even the hero and heroine's parting is realistic. I can't wait to read the next installment in this series.

REVIEW BY Ali Kiki   

Magnetic Shift

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"I was impressed!"

This story is about a girl who has a hard life. She has this ability that she has to keep a secret. Because of this, she has a hard time getting close to anyone.

Lexi Adams is a seventeen year old that has the ability to manipulate metal with her mind. Her powers seem to come from emotions. Lexi has a hard time with her new found powers and believe they are a curse that she inherited from her father. Lexi never knew her real father, and when her mom dies, her stepfather sends her off to work for a NASCAR team. Her stepfather did this because he wanted free advertising for his business on the car that was being driven in the race.

The driver of the car that Lexi is working on is Colton Tayler, a nineteen year old rookie. Lexi runs into the issue that she is extremely attracted to Colton, so she ends up having a hard time trying to control her powers around him. Then the unthinkable happens, a rival team owner, Carl Stacy, sees Lexi use her ability and he threatens to turn her in.

I really liked Lexi as the main character. She is brave and she is strong. She fights for her life. She doesn’t give up easily. I really like that. I think it is great to have such a strong female character.

I feel like Colton and Lexi has a bit of an insta-love. They were extracted to each other like a magnetic pull right away, which made it not feel as real as it could have been. Lexi has the issue of not giving in to her feelings because of her abilities or powers. Colton works hard to try to turn Lexi’s opinion around, convincing her that they can be close.

Magnetic Shift is a very easy read. I think it is also pretty quick. I didn’t find it slow at all. I just was annoyed by the insta-love. I really liked how Lexi grows as a character. I think that shows a lot about Ms. Briand that she is able to make her character grow with the story. I was extremely impressed with Ms. Briand’s research. She did a great job with researching out the book and the different aspects of NASCAR racing. I just wish the book had more mechanics and NASCAR information and storyline in it. I think this book is a great summer read for anyone that is interested.

REVIEW BY Laura Hernandez   

Destiny: New Avalon, book 1

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"A Delightful Read"

If you enjoy reading anything pertaining to Arthurian tales then you must add this to your TBR list.

Elena isn't your typical high school teen. She would much rather be celebrating her sixteenth birthday with her family than having a big party and yes, you've guessed it; this makes her a loner and the object of ridicule. Little does she know that her life is about to change as she is about to learn that the childhood fairy tale she loved as a child is indeed not a tale but a true story.

The world building was so vivid that you find yourself right smack dab in the story. The characters felt so real that I felt like they were my long time friends and the story line moves along at a great pace. The author has woven the right amount of action, adventure, mystery, magic and intrigue to keep you caught up in the plot until the last page. Readers of all ages will find this to be a delightful read.

REVIEW BY Bookaholic Banter   

Bound by Duty

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"I need more! SO GOOD!"

This book was a very enjoyable fantasy full of romance. action, and magic. Not one single element in this book was over-done. There was just the right amount of everything in this story. It was fun to read and the story-line really drew me in. It was an original take on magical powers. The beginning of the story starts off in a way that sets up the rest of the story very well. It was exciting to read the whole way through and one of those books that kept me up late reading. I didn't want to put it down.

I fell in love with the characters. Each and every one of them were interesting in their own way. It's not too often that I like all the characters of a book, especially the girls, sometimes they can be so whiney. I think that for the most part what Amelia has learned about her life and what she has to deal with and go through that she was a trooper. She was pretty fearless as well.

I loved Aidan! I think he would have been EXACTLY the type of guy I would have fallen for when I was in school. He just has that slick charm about him that pulls you in. All the characters just had a wonderful way of pulling me into the story and rooting for each and every one of them. Okay, except the Queen of course. By the end of the book I felt compassion for some of these characters and what they had to deal with. I felt their pain.

There were quite a few surprises and twists and turns in this book--with the characters and the plot line. An amazing plot line by the way. This book was wonderful first book to a series and a great set up for the second book. I am so extremely excited to see how this series progresses. I have high hopes. There is still so much of this story to be told and so many more magical and amazing moments to be had. This book was just the beginning of the adventure. There is so much more in store and I am dying to get my hands on the rest of this series and dive in. This was just getting good. The second book is going to be an adventure from the front to back.

Warning: If you pick up the first book you will be hooked and need the next two books immediately. I don't want to wait to read the rest of this series but unfortunately I have to at the moment. You can be rest assured though that the second I have a spare moment to read what I want I will find every way in my power to get the next two books and sit down and binge-read them. They all just pulled me into the story even more. By the end of the book I felt compassion for some of the characters and what they had to deal with.

The only pet peeve that I had with this book was the editing mistakes. There was quite a bit of them. I just don't understand how some of these mistakes were not caught or overlooked. Now, before you judge the book for this, I was given a copy to review in exchange for an honest review. I don't know if maybe the copy I was given was an unedited version. It could be possible. It didn't say that on the book but could be possible. I was willing to overlook these mistakes however, because of how wonderful the story was and in no way did I let this effect my review. I promise you that these mistakes don't take anything away from the story and you should still read it either way. If you don't, you will totally be missing out on such a wonderful reading experience and miss out on a promising series that I know is only going to get better with each book. This first book was just the appetizer to the main course!

The writing style was wonderful. The descriptive writing was enough to let me see everything that was going on without being overdone. There are still descriptions that stand out in my mind. That's how you know when it's written well. I have a clear picture of each and every one of these characters, and the setting.

The ending of this book left me wanting more. I was so sad that it ended that fast. I wish this would have been one of those books that were 600-700 pages. I don't think it would have been overdone or drawn out and I would have gobbled up each and every word and still be hungry for more. It is one of those books that you will read very fast. I am too excited for more. This is one series that I don't want to leave unfinished and I hope to read the rest before the year ends. Hopefully a lot sooner than that though. If you love magic, don't miss this one. It's truly magical. :-)

I'm not one for spoilers so I don't want to say much more without giving away the whole concept of the book so I'm going to end it here. I really hope what I said will be enough to have you pick up this book. You will not be disappointed.

REVIEW BY Anastasia Gkaitatzi   

Triumph of Chaos

by Jen McConnel
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- characters

"Nothing is more terrifying than the witch who wields RED MAGIC!"

Being a Red Witch has its perks but when the Gods are trying to kill you and all of mankind, that means war....

Triumph of Chaos picks up approximately two months after the events of Gods of Chaos, the second book in the series. Darlena is trying to find out a way to defeat Hecate and protect humanity from complete extinction.

Characters we already knew, appear again, new alliances form, old ones are broken and the stakes are higher than ever...

Apart from Darlena, one character that was introduced in the second book, was Izzy from Scotland. I know that it's Darlena's story but I would like to know a little bit more about Izzy. She's essential to the story and she helps Darlena become the witch she was always destined to be.

On the other hand, Darlena is a complicated heroine. She's brave for standing up against the Gods but she can also be impulsive and sometimes a bad judge of
character and that's what I believe makes her more original and unique.

The book was well written and although the pace was a little slow, in the end I didn't mind at all. The plot was full of surprises and twists. I still have a few unanswered questions and I hope that the author would consider writing a novella. :)

Jen McConnel created a fascinating world inspired by the Greek, Celtic and Egyptian mythology and made it one of my favorite YA series!

I definitely recommend the Red Magic series to YA readers, especially those who love mythology

REVIEW BY Celeste Hawkins   


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"An impossibly beautiful tale"

Anma Natsu's characters fly off the page as Aisuru unfolds into a tale of love and regret.

A young girl by the name of Sakura was harmed when she was a child, damaging her internal organs and only giving her a limited time to live on this earth. She pushes everyone else away so that when she dies she'll leave without anyone being sad about her death. Living alone can get tiresome and lonely - that is, until a Prince arrives on her doorstep. Kazuki comes from another land where magic is real and love is fought for. He takes a liking to the kind Sakura and slowly falls for her. He begins searching for a magical cure that will keep her alive so that he will never have to say good bye.

This novel transcends typical young adult novels. For starters, the research that the author was involved with is evident on every page. Footers aid the reader in learning new things about Japan and their culture while the characters bring their own personalities into a land that's stood the test of time. We know the characters are living on borrowed time - however, we don't know how long that time will be. Days, months, years? Will a cure be found? The anticipation of such draws the reader in and is intriguing.

What we seem to lack in this story is a strong romantic start. The romance is deep throughout the novel, however, it begins so quickly and for no real reason. He suddenly just kisses her and BAM they're in a relationship of sorts. But I guess when you're dying, everything begins to happen rather quickly.

The plot is virtually non-existent, but it's still a fantastic read. Although all they do is explore Japan for most of the book, for a Westerner, it's amazing to read. I love hearing about the people and the culture. A better place to explore would be Kazuki's world, where magic prevails and there's issues around every corner.

Sakura's illness seems a little far fetched at times, as I don't believe scarring would cause a young girl to have to take so much medication. I understand her lungs and heart were damaged, but a tablet wouldn't be able to ease those problems for so many years. However, it was fascinating to read and wonder what would happen next with her health.

Altogether, Aisuru was a breathtaking novel that let the reader enter a pain-filled world from the perspective of a young girl. Alongside we, we get to fall in love for the very first time.

REVIEW BY Robin Leigh Morgan   

Someone Like Him

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"What happens when a big city girl meets a boy from the country?"

All of us, if not most, have heard when it comes to romance that opposites attract. But will this be the case when big city girl Emily goes to visit her cousin Janelle in the wilds of Oregon and then on a camping trip into the woods and meets up with country boy Bret?

Having lived in NY City and the metropolitan area surrounding all of my life I know how fast spaced life can be. Everyone is always in a rush to do everything, everything that is, even when it comes to finding love and getting a serious relationship going. Guys are continuously on the prowl to add another name into their black books and if they can’t kiss the girl they’re with the first time out, they’ll most probably consider her a lost cause.

I know how hard it is to be transported to the country with a silence that allows you to hear the birds singing and the crickets chirping. I know how it is to have even the neighborhood Chinese takeout and other stores closing their doors by nine o’clock. Which is why, when the author allowed me to step into Emily’s shoes, I became somewhat envious of the relationship she had forming with Bret; a relationship, unlike those in the city, is allowed to start off with a glowing ember before developing into a small flame.

Bret, when it comes to his personality, is definitely a breath of fresh air as far as Emily is concern. Not only does Bret grow on Emily, so does the wilderness, as she develops a special fondness for both.

Ms. Herrick’s writing adds to the enjoyment in reading this book as you can almost smell the fresh, unpolluted air of the wilderness the story is taking place in, as well as having a wonderful character development for its two main characters, which is why I’ve given this book 5 STARS.

REVIEW BY Carrie Schmidt   

The Starlight Chronicles Boxed Set

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- characters

"A roller coaster of ups and downs - THE FEELS!"

The Starlight Chronicles is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs as we follow Lark and her bandmates in their quest to win the first round of a national “American Idol”-type competition. In between jam sessions, Lark struggles with her share of teenage angst – conflicts with her mother, questions about her father, friendships, romance, etc. Then there’s Bean. Her best friend since childhood, maybe something more now. Her mother thinks he has a drug problem. Lark insists he doesn’t. She’d know. And therein lies the most important plot element of the book for YA readers, in my opinion. I can’t say much more without giving away spoilers, but I will say this – THE TEARS. They will fall. Goodness.

The whole series takes place over the course of just a few weeks – from February to April – and each book is really more of a novella. You need to start with Gideon Lee (book 1) and read them in order or you might end up being confused. We don’t want that :)

Despite some repetition in the writing style (phrases like “send out a riff” and “my stomach rumbled” will become very familiar by the time you’ve made it to book 3 as well as Lark’s trait of being quite hungry after a jam session and Bean’s ability to be in the zone with his music), the book has an easy and engaging pace that makes for a reasonably quick read. Lisa Orchard does a great job of channeling the teenage voice as well as keeping readers invested in the battle of the bands. The third book – Starlight – will have you on the edge of your seat, especially during the competition and the aftermath. It’s emotional and takes your breath away with a couple of sucker punches to the heart. If you follow the YA literature scene, this is a good series to add to your collection. The next book is definitely one to watch for!

REVIEW BY Terrill Rosado   

Fragile Hearts

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"Sweet story with great character development"

Fragile Hearts is a novella length YA/NA story that is broken into 2 parts. Part 1 is the heroine's (Morgan's) POV, while Part 2 is the Hero's (Tyce's) POV. Rather than getting a complete re-hash of the story in each part, we're allowed greater depth and clarification that would be missed with a singular POV.

Although a quick read with swift story resolution, the character development helps create a rich tale of two struggling lives. Morgan is a paraplegic due to a car accident a few years prior. Tyce is initially drawn to Morgan for unknown reasons, but both feel some responsibility for Morgan's life in a wheelchair. While fighting an attraction, blaming guilt or unbelief, both Morgan and Tyce become important catalysts for the encouragement, healing and forgiveness each needs in order to move on from their broken past.

Fragile Hearts is a sweet short story and would be fantastic as a full length novel. I would have loved to have seen more of the relationship dynamics between Morgan and Tyce as well as obvious obstacles. The secondary characters were fun and added even greater depth to the overall story. All in all, In picking up this Fragile Hearts, I was rewarded with an entertaining and emotionally satisfying story.

REVIEW BY Ashia   

A Drop of Night

by Stefan Bachmann
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- characters

"Fabulous action adventure!"

A fabulous action adventure coupled with a mystery and poignant history.

Anouk finally got a break when she was handpicked in an exclusive program that includes an all expense paid for trip to Paris, together with four other kids. However, she couldn't have imagined the danger or the hidden mystery that will finally be revealed...

Anouk is prickly, defensive and aloof, and yet, you can't blame her for being that way as more information about her family background emerged. She's smart, resourceful and got a strong will to live, the undisputed leader of their little band as they try to escape the death traps in the underground hidden chambers of the palace.

The story is told in first person point of view, and alternates between present-day Anouk and historical Amelie, who is trying to escape from her own prison. The mystery is revealed in layers, compelling the readers to read onward. The worldbuilding is superb, the details are vivid, enabling the readers to visualize each chamber along with the traps the teens have to overcome. The romance is very low key, almost non-existent, and while I'm a romance junkie, it didn't bother me. The mystery and the adventure more than made up for it.

Overall, a wholly satisfying, enjoyable read! Go get it now!

REVIEW BY Sharon Stogner   

"Cute YA with a little witchery"

Jewel lost her parents a short time ago. She should have been in school a month ago but she just wasn't ready to go back quite yet. Jewel went to stay with close friends whom her mom knew was the right fit to take care of her upon her passing. Her mom, a clairvoyant, sensed that something was going to happen to her. Her new guardians kept Jewel busy working out several times a day in different styles of combat to preoccupy her. It was time however, to go back to school and move on. Her guardians picked a new school that would help her with her Magic among other things. Jewel was a little behind the other witches, her magic ran deeper than most waiting to come out. Basic witch spells were a problem for her. Once she got there all sorts of things started to happen, accidents intent on trying to kill but who? And why? Then there was the issue with her magic starting to come to light. Mishap after mishap but was it really?

The story had an interesting plot; it definitely piqued my interest. The action and the mystery of the so called accidents kept me hooked, very clever, especially that the possibility could be... (sentence deleted because of spoiler) That had me a little confused in the end; I got the reason but it really did not explain why. It was assumed high level but it was not enough, there had to be more of an underlying reason. Maybe we find out more in book two on what led up to this and why.

Jewel's relationship was cute but a little flat. The boyfriend was robotic, he barely added value to the group. He really didn't do anything. Okay, okay do we really need our men to do anything? No, but for me I like a little more depth especially in a story.

All in all if you like cute YA with a little witchery then definitely give it a try.

REVIEW BY Celeste Hawkins   

Angelstone (Dark Angel #2)

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- story
- characters

"It just keeps getting better!"

Hanna Peach once again gives us a story of angels and demons and the blurry lines between the two.

After Angelfire left us with so many questions, I was eager to begin this novel and have them answered for me. Angelstone begins as we left off, although it appears that the relationship between Ava and Jordan has grown (not that I'm complaining!). Israel begins to fall into the slot of a character that is written into scenes because he has to be there, not because he has anything worthy to do or say. I strangely enjoyed that - as it proved that how he was raised as a human differs from how the others were raised in the heavens. It adds that touch of "you don't belong here" vibe. However, that dissolves when he realises that he needs to man up and confess or risk losing her to another man. This leads us one step closer to that prophecy of a killer baby!

Jordan becoming a much bigger character in the novel was exciting for me, as I feel like he has a lot more depth and influence in the story than Israel does. In fact, Israel's only there because of a prophecy, which renders his character useful for only one purpose and a reason to keep him around regardless of how the readers view him.

The point of view changing in the story was just as fascinating as the first time around. The author offers us a glimpse into both the minds of the protagonists as well as the antagonists.

Altogether the book was beautifully written, interesting, and contained characters that made me want to come back for more and more! A successful sequel - which can be a rare thing!

REVIEW BY Sara Ella   


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"High School Drama and Love is all Supermassive!"

Supermassive: something that is all powerful, amazing, beautiful, inevitable.

This journey is a young man's search for himself. Four years after losing his mother, Ing is having a hard time dealing his grief and disconnected from his father who is also struggling with his own grief. Ing makes a final, no-turning-back, decision to face his fears and let his sorrow go or face failure. This decision takes him from Singapore to a small town in Norway, on his own odyssey, because he knows there is a good chance that going to Norway, he will run into Ellis, his lost love. There are no giants or dragons here but the monsters inside are very real.

Nina Rossing has a special talent for capturing the thoughts of high school-aged Ing; all his fears and doubts, all of his discovery and exploration while in the small, isolated town in which his grandmother lives. She takes us through all the agony of first love and also of some cruel high school experiences. From the eyes of Ing, who comes from the city, we see the odd acceptance and safety a small community provides and this all takes place in beautiful Norway.

I fell in love with this small group of high school kids. Each one is unique and complex and mostly tolerant of each other's learning curves. The every day school dramas and Ing's observations regarding his new (old) high school are so well detailed that it is just like being there. You can see the beauty of Norway through Ing as he describes the scenery. There is so much to love about this story!

This story is for anyone eager to delve into love, loss and the wonderful bond of family and friends.

REVIEW BY Ashia   

A School For Unusual Girls

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- story
- characters

"Fascinating action adventure with unusual characters"

A SCHOOL FOR UNUSUAL GIRLS is a fascinating action adventure story set in an alternate historical Regency period.

After accidentally setting her father's stables on fire, Georgiana was sent to Stranje House to be trained on how to be a proper lady. Little did she know that there's more to Stranje House than that, or that she'd meet Sebastian Wyatt and they would be thrust into a desperate mission to come up with a new form of invisible ink...

Georgie is a great heroine, plucky, bold and brave. Oh, and smart. Her interests are unusual, to say the least, which is why she was sent to Stranje House, and perhaps, it's a blessing in disguise for her. Her scenes with Sebastian were filled with witty banter and conflict-ridden moments, and I wish their romance could've been developed more, though perhaps, considering their situation, Sebastian's reticence had merit.

Secrets and strange happenings abound in Stranje House and not everyone is as it seems. There's also some history between the girls and the "villain" of the story, a history that we got bits and pieces of, as we are in Georgie's first person point of view. Maybe more would be revealed in succeeding books. The last quarter of the book was the action adventure part and really picked up the pace of the book.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and can't wait to get into the next one! Young readers would enjoy their foray into history through this story, although it's imperative to read the Author's Note, as she did confess she played with "what if's" and changed some historical facts.

REVIEW BY Bookaholic Banter   

The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl

by Leigh Statham
- rating
- story
- characters

"Woman power!"

This was an imaginative story. It kept me interested enough to keep reading. However there wasn't anything so intriguing that I couldn't put it down or read in one sitting. When I first started reading the story I felt a little bored. However, the story quickly took off when Lady Marguerite boards the aership. This was where most of the action and adventure took place during the story.

At times in the story Lady Marguerite is a loving, caring, strong, and independent woman who doesn't like to be told what to do and puts others first. However sometimes during the story she could turn a little whiny and acted a little entitled because of her upbringing. It was easy to connect with the first side of Lady Marguerite. She set an example for other women, showing them that they did not have to settle for what society says you should be or do. She showed other women how if you really want something, all you have to do is go out there and work for it and it can be yours.

There wasn't too much worldbuilding in the book. I would have liked a little bit more of that. It was hard to escape into the story at times because I felt like I couldn't really see what the world looked like. I would have liked to see a little more vivid detail. Also on the aership, when the pirates came, I would have liked to see a scene with them fighting off the pirates. It was a little hard to believe the ship was under attack when that wasn't shown too much.

The element of romance wasn't overpowering in the story. It was there but it didn't take over the whole story which I loved. Often times books focus on the element so much that it tends to take over the whole story. It was subtly there. It didn't take over the story and we knew it was there without it having to be talked about on every page. Kudos on the romance!

There was a bit of something missing for me in this story. It might have been the transitioning from scenes. Sometimes I felt like it jumped into another scene a little abruptly rather than smoothly. Overall, I did enjoy reading this story. It is a fictional story that empowers women. It shows how we can be unstoppable and how when we really want something, we can be strong and go for it! It was an interesting and fun, quick read.

REVIEW BY Ashia   

Soul Kiss

- rating
- story
- characters


SOUL KISS is a fascinating read that went off in an unexpected direction.

When Melissa Torani shared a kiss with Daniel Florez, her life changed forever.

Melissa is a great narrator, and her voice is engaging. Her life is full of the typical teenage problems, until she met Daniel and shared a kiss with him. I do have to admit that I never guessed where that kiss would lead, and it requires some suspension of disbelief on my part for them to go from high school to "working" with the FBI. I do like Melissa's relationship with her parents; while there were some friction, it was realistic and there's no doubt her parents loved her.

While this is an interesting read, I wish we could have some solid explanation for Melissa's increased brain power and what would happen next with Daniel and his mom. Or perhaps we'll read about it in the next book?

Earth's End
A woman awoken in air, a soldier forged by fire, a weapon risen from blood.
Vhalla Yarl has made it to the warfront in the North. Forged by blood and fire, she has steeled her heart for the final battle of the Solaris Empire's conquest. The choices before Vhalla are no longer servitude or freedom, they are servitude or death. The stakes have never been higher as the Emperor maintains his iron grip on her fate, holding everything Vhalla still has left to lose in the balance.

Traitors' Gate
Only time will tell who the traitors really are…

Sixteen-year-old Lucinda is getting the home-coming from hell. England is in the grip of the War of the Roses and her tyrant father has promised her hand to a vile man three times her age. In need of aid, she seeks sanctuary with an old childhood friend only to find him accused of treachery and harboring a supernatural secret. All too soon Lucinda is caught in a fight that’s not her own but, to be with the man she loves, she’ll gladly take up arms.

Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened
Imagine waking up to find the world has ended, but unfortunately you're not alone...

For Connor Innis, awakening from a year-long coma with no memories, no ability to move, and unable to speak was bad enough. Then he learns that a bioweapon set off a zombie apocalypse—for real—while he was sleeping, and the world he can't even remember no longer exists.

Rehabilitation might be torture, but far worse awaits him outside. All too soon, the hospital Mentor declares him fit to leave with nothing to go home to except a city full of mindless, flesh-eating monsters. That is, until he forms a strange relationship with the one he nicknames 'Zombie Girl'.

Previously published by Lycaon Press, 22nd April 2015.

WARNING: contains swearing, and some moderate gore and violence.

Tell Me Three Things
What if the person you need the most is someone you’ve never met?

Funny and romantic, this tug-at-your-heartstrings contemporary YA debut is perfect for readers of Rainbow Rowell, Jennifer Niven, and E. Lockhart.

Everything about Jessie is wrong. At least, that’s what it feels like during her first week as a junior at her new ultra-intimidating prep school in Los Angeles. It’s been barely two years since her mother’s death, and because her father eloped with a woman he met online, Jessie has been forced to move across the country to live with her stepmonster and her pretentious teenage son.

Just when she’s thinking about hightailing it back to Chicago, she gets an email from a person calling themselves Somebody/Nobody (SN for short), offering to help her navigate the wilds of Wood Valley High School. Is it an elaborate hoax? Or can she rely on SN for some much-needed help?

In a leap of faith—or an act of complete desperation—Jessie begins to rely on SN, and SN quickly becomes her lifeline and closest ally. Jessie can’t help wanting to meet SN in person. But are some mysteries better left unsolved?

Just a Few Inches
All Carrie Roberts wants is to be a little bit smaller.

To fit into the perfect dress for the Valentine’s Day Dance. To look beautiful for her boyfriend, the school’s star basketball player. To keep his jealous ex-girlfriend, a rival cheerleader, away from him. And to be noticed by her classmates.

Exercising and dieting don’t work, but an advertisement for weight loss pills promises a quicker solution to her problem. As time runs out, she takes more than the recommended dose until she’s just a few inches slimmer. Heads turn when she arrives at the dance, and the wonderful night with her boyfriend is beyond what she dreamed it would be.

Days later, Carrie discovers that her body is changing in ways that should be impossible. While her doctor searches for a cure, she desperately turns to her friends and family for support. Everyone is noticing her now whether she likes it or not, and even the media is intrigued by her incredible story. Getting everything she once wanted has created new problems—problems that are growing more terrifying every day.

Because Carrie Roberts is shrinking.

- - - - -

"Just a Few Inches" is a Young Adult novel that deals with issues of body image, self-esteem, and teenage relationships. It is intended for readers age 13 and up.

More Than We Can Tell
Rev works hard to keep the demons of the time before his adoption at bay ... until a letter from his father after his 18th birthday brings the trauma of his childhood hurtling back.

Emma escapes real life by perfecting the online game she built from scratch. Coding is way easier than facing her parents' nasty relationship or the growing distance with her best friend ... But when an online troll's harassment starts to escalate, she fears for her safety.

When Rev and Emma meet, they're buckling under the weight of their secrets. Though both of them find it hard to put their problems into words, they connect instantly and deeply. Rev and Emma's problems might be worlds apart, but they promise to help each other no matter what.

But promises are made to be tested and some things hurt more than we can tell.

The Secret of a Heart Note
From critically acclaimed author Stacey Lee, an evocative novel about a teen aroma-expert who uses her extrasensitive sense of smell to help others fall in love—while protecting her own heart at all costs—perfect for fans of Lauren Myracle and E. Lockhart.

Sometimes love is right under your nose. As one of only two aromateurs left on the planet, sixteen-year-old Mimosa knows what her future holds: a lifetime of weeding, mixing love elixirs, and matchmaking—all while remaining incurably alone. For Mim, the rules are clear: falling in love would render her nose useless, taking away her one great talent. Still, Mimosa doesn’t want to spend her life elbow-deep in soil and begonias. She dreams of a normal high school experience with friends, sports practices, debate club, and even a boyfriend. But when she accidentally gives an elixir to the wrong woman and has to rely on the lovesick woman’s son, the school soccer star, to help fix the situation, Mim quickly begins to realize that falling in love isn’t always a choice you can make.

At once hopeful, funny, and romantic, Stacey Lee’s The Secret of a Heart Note is a richly evocative coming-of-age story that gives a fresh perspective on falling in love and finding one’s place in the world.

Queen of Always
If her time at court has taught Catherine anything, it's that there is no room for weakness in Imperial Russia. With the Empress' health failing and rumors of a change in the line of succession, her place in the royal line is once more in jeopardy. Tormented by her sadistic husband and his venomous mistress, Catherine must once more walk the fine line between pleasure and politics―between scandal and survival.

When her young son becomes the target of those rebelling against Peter's reign, Catherine will have to rise up to protect herself, her child, and her nation from his unstable and potentially catastrophic rule. This means putting herself at odds with the most dangerous man she's ever known, trusting those who once proved to be her enemies, and turning a nation against its sovereign. In the ultimate battle for the crown, new alliances will be forged, loyalties will be tested, and blood will be shed.

Lucky in Love
Maddie's not impulsive. She's all about hard work and planning ahead. But one night, on a whim, she buys a lottery ticket. And then, to her astonishment --

She wins!

In a flash, Maddie's life is unrecognizable. No more stressing about college scholarships. Suddenly, she's talking about renting a yacht. And being in the spotlight at school is fun... until rumors start flying, and random people ask her for loans. Now, Maddie isn't sure who she can trust.

Except for Seth Nguyen, her funny, charming coworker at the local zoo. Seth doesn't seem aware of Maddie's big news. And, for some reason, she doesn't want to tell him. But what will happen if he learns her secret?

With tons of humor and heart, Kasie West delivers a million-dollar tale of winning, losing, and falling in love.

A School For Unusual Girls
"...kept me reading until late into the night...completely original - and totally engrossing - world, full of smart girls, handsome boys, and sinister mysteries."
- Meg Cabot, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

"...enticing from the first sentence...gender stereotypes are turned upside down..."
- New York Times Book Review

"Spellbinding! ...a beautifully written tale of adventure, intrigue, and romance...a true page-turner!"
- Rachel Hawthorne, NYT Bestselling Author

A School for Unusual Girls is the first captivating installment in the Stranje House series for young adults by award-winning author Kathleen Baldwin.

It’s 1814. Napoleon is exiled on Elba. Europe is in shambles. Britain is at war on four fronts. And Stranje House, a School for Unusual Girls, has become one of Regency England’s dark little secrets. The daughters of the beau monde who don’t fit high society’s constrictive mold are banished to Stranje House to be reformed into marriageable young ladies. Or so their parents think. In truth, Headmistress Emma Stranje, the original unusual girl, has plans for the young ladies—plans that entangle the girls in the dangerous world of spies, diplomacy, and war.

After accidentally setting her father’s stables on fire while performing a scientific experiment, Miss Georgiana Fitzwilliam is sent to Stranje House. But Georgie has no intention of being turned into a simpering, pudding-headed, marriageable miss. She plans to escape as soon as possible—until she meets Lord Sebastian Wyatt. Thrust together in a desperate mission to invent a new invisible ink for the English war effort, Georgie and Sebastian must find a way to work together without losing their heads—or their hearts…

A Mortal Song
Sora's life was full of magic—until she discovered it was all a lie.

Heir to Mt. Fuji's spirit kingdom, Sora yearns to finally take on the sacred kami duties. But just as she confronts her parents to make a plea, a ghostly army invades the mountain. Barely escaping with her life, Sora follows her mother's last instructions to a heart-wrenching discovery: she is a human changeling, raised as a decoy while her parents' true daughter remained safe but unaware in modern-day Tokyo. Her powers were only borrowed, never her own. Now, with the world's natural cycles falling into chaos and the ghosts plotting an even more deadly assault, it falls on her to train the unprepared kami princess.

As Sora struggles with her emerging human weaknesses and the draw of an unanticipated ally with secrets of his own, she vows to keep fighting for her loved ones and the world they once protected. But for one mortal girl to make a difference in this desperate war between the spirits, she may have to give up the only home she's ever known.

With its breathtaking action, heart-wrenching conflict, and unexpected romance, this vivid standalone YA fantasy will delight fans of Julie Kagawa and Laini Taylor.

Someone Like Him
City girl, country guy. Will opposites attract--or clash?

When New-York-City girl Emily visits her cousin Janelle in Oregon, Emily wonders how she'll survive the wilderness. Janelle wonders if the wilderness will survive Emily's visit--and if she can convince her cousin to help save part of an old-growth forest.

Meanwhile, Emily also wonders if a big-city girl can get along with a county guy--named Bret. Under forest canopies and by crystal-clear waters she struggles with her growing attraction to him. But they're so different. Whoever thought she'd fall for someone like him?

Kisses On A Paper Airplane
Drama student Hannah Evans isn't kissing any frogs on her path to find Prince Charming. She's determined to share the perfect first kiss -- with the perfect boy -- in the perfect place -- or she's not kissing at all.

When Hannah meets a cute ginger-haired boy in first class lounge in the London airport, she knows he's 'The One.'

Pop star Theo Callahan is on the road to get as far away as possible from his back-stabbing best friend, and his supermodel girlfriend who broke his heart. Until one shy smile from Hannah has him rethinking all of his travel plans.

Theo is smitten, but he's worried she's just a groupie in search of the ultimate selfie. Can Theo learn to trust Hannah in time to share one perfect first kiss, or will Hannah be forced to kiss a frog?

The Starlight Chronicles Boxed Set
Lark Singer is seventeen years old and already on the way to a brilliant music career. But as she and her band, Starlight, gear up for a competition, life seems to be throwing her a few curve balls. The mysteries of her past seem to be unraveling, and she’s no longer certain she wants to know those answers or how knowing about her past will affect her difficult relationship with her mother. And when her best friend, Bean, changes things between them, all her plans for a musical future are placed in jeopardy. How can she balance her complicated personal life to keep her musical goals on track?

Gideon Lee
Lark Singer

Starr Fall
On the run from the Organization, Starr never planned on falling in love.

Starr Bishop’s the complete package. A perfect smile, brains to match, and a winning attitude. Boys want to date her and girls want to be her. She’s the type of girl you want to hate, if only she wasn’t so damn likable. But don’t worry, she’s not interested in your boyfriend. Boys are one complication she can live without.

When the Organization decides she’s not only the model student but the ideal assassin, Starr’ll need a lot more than high test scores and extracurricular involvement to get herself out of that commitment.

Dark, moody, and dead sexy Christian Evergood is the last person she’d expect—or even want— to come to her rescue. From opposite ends of Webster High’s social hierarchy, their lives collide in one electrifying moment. Christian isn’t the Goth loner he pretends to be, he’s a part Cherokee, All-American boy who wants to be a hero, Starr’s hero. Christian makes Starr forget that the Organization is after her, but nothing will stop the Organization from collecting their top recruit.

By the way, the spot for junior class president just became available.

What People Are Saying About Starr Fall....
"I was swept up in Kim Briggs' whirlwind of secrets, swoon, and adventure from page one. Beautifully writing combined with a smart, driven protagonist made this a book I couldn't put down.” —Isabel Bandeira, Author of Bookishly Ever After (Jan 2016) and Dramatically Ever After (June 2017)

As the opener in what promises to be a thrilling series, Starr Fall hits the ground running and hits the water swimming. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough as Starr went from a super-achieving but otherwise pretty normal high school junior to a girl on the run from a shady, powerful government (maybe) agency and a deep, dark conspiracy we only see in glimpses. And why has the weird kid from school suddenly become her ultra-hot sidekick, with a connection between them that literally gives off sparks? He’s a lot more than he seems. Every answer raises another question as the reader ricochets between the threat level outside the remote cabin and the heat level inside it. Briggs knows how to crank up both kinds of tension, in the best possible way. Book two can’t come soon enough for this reader! -- Liz Coley, author of the award winning, internationally best-selling Pretty Girl-13

Genesis Girl
Eighteen-year-old Blanca has lived a sheltered life. Her entire childhood has been spent at Tabula Rasa School where she’s been protected from the Internet.

Blanca has never been online and doesn’t even know how to text. Her lack of a virtual footprint makes her extremely valuable, and upon graduation, Blanca and those like her are sold to the highest bidders.

Blanca is purchased by Cal McNeal, who uses her to achieve personal gain. But the McNeal’s are soon horrified by just how obedient and non-defiant Blanca is. All those mind-numbing years locked away from society have made her mind almost impenetrable.

By the time Blanca is ready to think for herself, she is trapped. Her only chance of escape is to go online.

P.S. I Like You
Signed, sealed, delivered...

While spacing out in Chemistry class, Lily scribbles some of her favorite song lyrics onto her desk. The next day, she finds that someone has continued the lyrics on the desk, and added a message to her. Intrigue!

Soon, Lily and her anonymous pen pal are exchanging full-on letters -- sharing secrets, recommending bands, and opening up to each other. Lily realizes she's kind of falling for this letter writer. Only who is he? As Lily attempts to unravel the mystery, and juggle school, friends, crushes, and her crazy family, she discovers that matters of the heart can't always be spelled out...

Kasie West brings irresistible wit, warmth, and sparkle to this swoon-worthy story of love showing up when you least expect it.

Coming Up for Air
Swim. Eat. Shower. School. Snack. Swim. Swim. Swim. Dinner. Homework. Bed. Repeat.

All of Maggie's focus and free time is spent swimming. She's not only striving to earn scholarships―she's training to qualify for the Olympics. It helps that her best friend, Levi, is also on the team, and cheers her on. But Levi's already earned an Olympic tryout, so Maggie feels even more pressure to succeed. And it's not until Maggie's away on a college visit that she realizes how much of the "typical" high school experience she's missed by being in the pool.

No one to shy away from a challenge, Maggie decides to squeeze the most out of her senior year. First up? Making out with a guy. And Levi could be the perfect candidate. After all, they already spend a lot of time together. But as Maggie slowly starts to uncover new feelings for Levi, how much is she willing to sacrifice in the water to win at love?

Romeo & What's Her Name
Understudies never get to perform...which is why being Juliet's understudy in the school's yearly Shakespeare production is the perfect role for Emily. She can earn some much-needed extra credit while pursuing her main goal of spending time with Wes, aka Romeo, aka the hottest, nicest guy in school (in her completely unbiased opinion). And she meant to learn her lines, really, it's just:

a) Shakespeare is HARD,
b) Amanda (the "real" Juliet) makes her run errands instead of lines, and
c) there's no point, since Amanda would never miss her chance to be the star of the show.

Then Amanda ends up in the hospital and Emily, as the (completely unprepared!) understudy, has to star in the most famous scene from Romeo and Juliet opposite the guy of her dreams. Oops?

Timepiece: A Steampunk Time-Travel Adventure
You only THINK you know what happened at Waterloo

The real story involved more monsters. And a lot more time travel

It’s 1815, and Wellington’s badly-outnumbered army stares across the field of Waterloo at Napoleon’s forces. Desperate to hold until reinforcements arrive, Wellington calls upon a race of monsters created by a mad Genevese scientist 25 years before.

It’s 1815, and a discontented young lady sitting in a rose garden receives a mysterious gift: a pocket watch that, when opened, displays scenes from all eras of history. Past…and future.

It’s 1885, and a small band of resistance fighters are resorting to increasingly extreme methods in their efforts to overthrow a steampunk Empire whose clockwork gears are slick with its subjects’ blood.

Are these events connected?

Oh, come now. That would be telling.

By Your Side
An irresistible story from Kasie West that explores the timeless question What do you do when you fall for the person you least expect?

When Autumn Collins finds herself accidentally locked in the library for an entire weekend, she doesn’t think things could get any worse. But that’s before she realizes that Dax Miller is locked in with her. Autumn doesn’t know much about Dax except that he’s trouble. Between the rumors about the fight he was in (and that brief stint in juvie that followed it) and his reputation as a loner, he’s not exactly the ideal person to be stuck with. Still, she just keeps reminding herself that it is only a matter of time before Jeff, her almost-boyfriend, realizes he left her in the library and comes to rescue her.

Only he doesn’t come. No one does.

Instead it becomes clear that Autumn is going to have to spend the next couple of days living off vending-machine food and making conversation with a boy who clearly wants nothing to do with her. Except there is more to Dax than meets the eye. As he and Autumn at first grudgingly, and then not so grudgingly, open up to each other, Autumn is struck by their surprising connection. But can their feelings for each other survive once the weekend is over and Autumn’s old life, and old love interest, threaten to pull her from Dax’s side?

These Vicious Masks
Evelyn has no interest in marriage and even the dashing Mr. Kent can't make her want to live up to society's expectations. She'd much rather assist her beloved sister Rose in becoming the world's first female doctor. But everything changes the night she meets Sebastian Braddock – not only is the reclusive lord both vexing and surprisingly attractive, he's also quite possibly mad, and his interest in Rose is galling. So when Evelyn wakes up to discover that Rose has disappeared, she immediately suspects Sebastian.

But then she discovers that Sebastian's strange tales of special powers are actually true, and that Rose's kidnappers have worse in mind for her than simply ruining her reputation. Surrounded by secrets, lies, and unprecedented danger, Evelyn has no choice but to trust Sebastian, yet she can't help but worry that Sebastian's secrets are the most dangerous of all…

Bound by Duty
Amelia grew up in a world of half-truths. She knows she's an Elder, but has no idea what that means. Her father reminds her daily that she must maintain control, but he refuses to explain why. Even worse, she's betrothed to the prince of the Immortals and doesn't even know his name.

Finally breaking free to live a few normal years at a community college, the last thing Amelia expects is to find her best friend in a cheeky southern girl, or fall for a self-assured human who sees her for who she is, not what she will become.

As she learns more about herself, Amelia realizes the line between love and duty is a thin one. As her power continues to increase exponentially and her questions are slowly answered, Amelia must make the ultimate choice. The question is, will her head win the battle, or her heart?

Triumph of Chaos
After the disaster in Europe, Darlena’s starting to get desperate. She knows the only way to
defeat Hecate and the other crazy Red Gods is by banding together with other Witches, but is it any wonder she has a hard time trusting them?

With Izzy’s support, Darlena begins making fragile strides toward repairing the mess she made,
but she just can’t catch a break. As chaos runs rampant around her, Darlena begins to think that things would be better if she’d never become a Red Witch in the first place. But there’s no way to change the past…is there?

The final book in the Red Magic series brings Darlena face to face with impossible odds, and a
terrifying choice.

The Heartbreak Cure
How to get over a heartbreak: Step one: Eat your body weight in brownies.

Step two: Throw yourself into your dreams of becoming a famous writer.

Step three: Beg your (hottie) ex-neighbor to act as your fake boyfriend.

Step four: Skip step three unless you’re ready for some serious fallout.

After being dumped and humiliated over the summer, Cat Turner does what any sane girl would do. She asks bad boy Alex Locke to be her fake boyfriend and show the world (and her editor at the school newspaper) that she's fine. Problem is, the more time she spends with Alex, the more she risks getting her heart broken. For real this time.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains a swoony bad boy who will melt your heart, brownies, and witty banter. One, two, or all three might prove addictive…

Just One of the Boys
Alice Bell has one goal: to play for the elite junior hockey team the Chicago Falcons.But when she’s passed over at tryouts for being a girl, she’ll do anything to make her dream a reality...even disguising herself as her twin brother. With her amazing skills on the ice, Alice is sure she’ll fit in easily. That is, until she starts falling for one of her teammates...

Hayden Tremblay, star of the Falcons, can’t keep himself out of the penalty box. Constantly living in the shadow of his older brother, Hayden’s losing his passion for hockey. But when he gets shown up on the ice by the Falcons’ new rookie, Hayden’s determined to teach the kid a thing or two. Little does he guess that “Al’s” surprises on the ice are just the beginning...

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush title proves that wonderful things can happen when you’re brave enough to go after your dream. Dream hockey player, that is! Warning--a few locker room scenes are included...

When Princess Cassia Rose fled her home world of Eturia to escape an arranged marriage, she had no idea her sudden departure would spark a war. Now after two years hiding as a ship hand, she is finally returning to her beloved home but not in the way she imagined. Shackled by bounty hunters, she is violently dragged back to account for her crimes. Her only solace is that the Banshee crew managed to evade capture, including Kane Arric, her best friend...with occasional benefits.

Meanwhile, Kane and the rest of the crew of the Banshee plan a desperate rescue mission. But when they arrive on Eturia, Cassia isn't exactly in need of heroics--she's claimed her birthright as Eturia's queen, but has inherited a war-torn planet simmering with rebellion. Cassia must make alliances, and Kane, the bastard son of a merchant, isn't a choice that will earn her any friends. Kane knows he will never find someone to replace Cassia--and is certain she returns his feelings--but how can he throw away his own promising future waiting on a queen?

When the outer realm is threatened by the dangerous Zhang mafia, Cassia, Kane and the rest of the Banshee crew uncover a horrifying conspiracy that endangers the entire universe. In the face of unspeakable evil, Cassia must confront her own family's complicated legacy on Eturia and decide once and for all who her real family is.

High School is hard enough without the cold stares from classmates that remind you every day how different you are.

Our shortcomings don't define who we are, unless we let them. Cindy Johnson needs to learn that. Born with one leg shorter than the other, she has no self-esteem because of the cruel comments and cold stares she receives from her classmates. When Cory Neil, the football quarterback asks her to Homecoming, she's quite sure he's asked her on a dare and refuses. It takes more than just her mother's assurances that Cindy's beautiful before she realizes she may have made a mistake in turning him down

In a land ruled and shaped by violent magical storms, power lies with those who control them.

Aurora Pavan comes from one of the oldest Stormling families in existence. Long ago, the ungifted pledged fealty and service to her family in exchange for safe haven, and a kingdom was carved out from the wildlands and sustained by magic capable of repelling the world’s deadliest foes. As the sole heir of Pavan, Aurora's been groomed to be the perfect queen. She’s intelligent and brave and honorable. But she’s yet to show any trace of the magic she’ll need to protect her people.

To keep her secret and save her crown, Aurora’s mother arranges for her to marry a dark and brooding Stormling prince from another kingdom. At first, the prince seems like the perfect solution to all her problems. He’ll guarantee her spot as the next queen and be the champion her people need to remain safe. But the more secrets Aurora uncovers about him, the more a future with him frightens her. When she dons a disguise and sneaks out of the palace one night to spy on him, she stumbles upon a black market dealing in the very thing she lacks―storm magic. And the people selling it? They’re not Stormlings. They’re storm hunters.

Legend says that her ancestors first gained their magic by facing a storm and stealing part of its essence. And when a handsome young storm hunter reveals he was born without magic, but possesses it now, Aurora realizes there’s a third option for her future besides ruin or marriage.
She might not have magic now, but she can steal it if she’s brave enough.

Challenge a tempest. Survive it. And you become its master.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Who would have guessed that four minutes could change everything?

Today should be one of the worst days of seventeen-year-old Hadley Sullivan's life. Having missed her flight, she's stuck at JFK airport and late to her father's second wedding, which is taking place in London and involves a soon-to-be stepmother Hadley's never even met. Then she meets the perfect boy in the airport's cramped waiting area. His name is Oliver, he's British, and he's sitting in her row.

A long night on the plane passes in the blink of an eye, and Hadley and Oliver lose track of each other in the airport chaos upon arrival. Can fate intervene to bring them together once more?

Quirks of timing play out in this romantic and cinematic novel about family connections, second chances, and first loves. Set over a twenty-four-hour-period, Hadley and Oliver's story will make you believe that true love finds you when you're least expecting it.

Stacy's Song
Stacy's talent and love for music forces her to make hard choices. Life is risky, but she must learn to make important decisions on her own. Stacy Nelson, warm-hearted with a sense of humor, is a tall, skinny teenager, sometimes called "giraffe" by other kids. She's an average student with a lot of extracurricular interests. Her good friend Karen wants Stacy to practice with her and try out for cheerleading. Liz Norris asks Stacy to join a band that she and her brother Michael are starting, but Stacy has reservations. Her first meeting with Michael Norris is stormy, yet she is drawn in by his outstanding musical ability and joins the band. Stacy always wants to please everyone, but fails to think about who she is and what she really wants. After making the cheerleading squad, Greg Lawson, captain of the football team, becomes interested in Stacy. He is easy-going and charming, just the opposite of Michael. They start dating, and Stacy is suddenly popular in and out of school. As a cheerleader, she is accepted by the in-crowd. She tries to relax and enjoy this new lifestyle. When Stacy has difficulty meeting all of her commitments and her grades fall, her father is displeased and insists she quit the band. Stacy feels torn-wanting to please her father without letting down the other band members. Ultimately, while dealing with family and peer pressure, she must decide what is best for her.

Descent: Son of a Mermaid ~ Book One
Shea MacNamara's life just got complicated. When a freak tornado devastates his Oklahoma farm, fifteen-year-old Shea moves to Cape Cod to live with a grandmother he's never met. Struggling to make sense of his new surroundings, he meets a girl along the shore who changes his life.


Kae belongs to an undersea world hidden from humans, where bloody war rages between opposing clans. A fragile peace accord hinges on marriage between the royal families, but treachery and magick lurk in every shadow.

With Kae's help, Shea discovers his true heritage and finds that his destiny lies somewhere far below the ocean's surface.

Divine Fall
After tragedy tears Jamie Brandt's life apart, her only goal is to finish high school so she can leave her small hometown behind. In the meantime, riding her horse is her main source of solace, until a mysterious stable hand shows up at the barn. There's something not quite right about the handsome new employee, and the more Jamie sees of him, the more determined she becomes to figure out what he's hiding.

Dothan Reed came to historic Huntsville, Maryland, for one reason--revenge. But his plan can't move forward until he finds the missing piece he needs to enhance his powers. As the only surviving Nephilim, Dothan is not only weaker than full-blooded angels; his forbidden lineage makes him an outcast in both worlds. When he discovers Jamie is the key to locating an ancient weapon, he's forced to interact with a vulnerable human girl--a task that becomes more appealing with each encounter.

Jamie soon learns Dothan isn't the only one with a dark secret. Each new revelation further threatens her safety, and Dothan's betrayal shatters her heart. Forgiving him seems impossible, but the thought of turning her back on him is equally painful.

As their connection deepens, Dothan will have to make his own difficult choice: continue on his path of vengeance, or protect the girl he loves. And when Dothan's actions thrust Jamie into an unforeseen danger, he must seek the help of his enemy...or risk losing her forever.

The Fading Dusk
In the gritty city of Dusk, seventeen-year-old Irina makes her living as the street magician Bantheir’s assistant. The job isn’t glamorous, but she loves the crowds, the shows, and most of all, the illusion of magic. But Irina’s world is shattered the night she is arrested and charged as Bantheir’s accomplice to murder—murder by magic. Real magic, the kind that’s been forbidden since the old wars. Irina finds the idea of flashy showman Bantheir using actual magic to kill someone laughable, but she’s the only one who sees how ridiculous the claim is. But how can she convince everyone Bantheir is innocent when they’ve already made up their minds?

Desperate, Irina must decide who she can trust to help her win her freedom. Is the surly, handsome Captain Leonid telling the truth when he says he believes Irina is innocent, or is he just using her to get to Bantheir? What about Aden, the sweet soldier and longtime fan of Irina’s who claims he’s on her side?

Irina said she wanted to know the truth, but when she stumbles across a dark secret that changes everything, will she be strong enough to survive?

The Volk Advent
An orphaned Siberian teen loses her job and home on Christmas Eve. Left on the streets to freeze, Faina flees to an abandoned castle for shelter. At the castle, she discovers the animal-torn body of a local recluse. No wonder Eurasian wolves are not recommended for the first-time pet owner. Can a girl with no past, preserve her future from accusations of murderer and a pack of escaped wolves?